Soap Opera -The Flame of Love 1, 2 & 3

Posted on Opera -The Flame of Love Line Sticker | Risudong presents these animated sound stickers from the soap opera “The Flame of Love.” The flame of love has spread all over the body. Let’s use endless love to fill a bottomless soul. The best performance with a beautiful voice haunt your mind. Don’t miss these stickers and don’t be shy about using them.

Crammed to the core with love, these stickers just can’t be ignored. Yelling, twisting, crying out loud… The word “shy” simply isn’t in their dictionary. The best love story this year—Soap Opera: The Flame of Love 2!!

RisuDong presents the next chapter of the romantic love story, The Flame of Love! Bring the drama of this world to your chats today. You may just find yourself with butterflies in your stomach and hundreds of blooming flowers in your heart as well.

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