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From the popular Disney series, Sofia the First, comes an adorable sticker set featuring Sofia and her adventures in the kingdom of Enchancia. Join Sofia and friends like Clover, Miranda, and Amber as they make the leap to LINE to brighten up your chats!

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Meet the Enchanting Princess Sofia in This Delightful Sticker Set!

Get ready to add a sprinkle of magic to your messaging adventures with the Sofia the First sticker set! Straight from the beloved Disney series, these adorable stickers will bring the whimsical world of Enchancia right to your fingertips. Prepare to be charmed by the captivating presence of Sofia and her delightful friends, including the mischievous bunny Clover, her caring mother Miranda, and her ever-stylish sister Amber.

The Walt Disney Company (Japan) Ltd. – Bringing Joy and Wonder

Behind this enchanting collection is the creative wizardry of The Walt Disney Company (Japan) Ltd., a subsidiary of the globally renowned Walt Disney Company. With a legacy of enchanting storytelling and delightful characters, this renowned entertainment giant has mastered the art of capturing hearts and imaginations across generations.

As the esteemed publisher of the Sofia the First sticker set, The Walt Disney Company (Japan) Ltd. continues its commitment to spreading joy and wonder through innovative digital experiences. With a keen understanding of what captivates audiences of all ages, they have skillfully translated the beloved characters and adventures of Sofia into a delightful sticker collection.

Disney’s Magical Realm of Copyrights

Protecting the enchanting world of Sofia the First is the formidable force of Disney, the celebrated entertainment empire that holds the coveted copyrights. With a treasure trove of iconic characters, stories, and properties under its wing, Disney vigilantly safeguards the integrity and magic of its creations, ensuring that the beloved tales and characters remain true to their essence.

A Sticker Set Fit for a Princess!

This delightful sticker set truly captures the essence of Sofia’s adventures, offering a delightful array of expressions, poses, and costumes that will add a touch of whimsy to your conversations. From Sofia’s signature purple gown to her dazzling ball attire, each sticker is a miniature masterpiece, meticulously crafted to showcase the beloved princess’s charm and spirit.

But that’s not all! This enchanting collection also features Sofia’s lovable companions, ensuring that every message is infused with the warmth and camaraderie that define her magical world. Whether you’re expressing excitement, offering a heartfelt greeting, or simply adding a sprinkle of joy to your day, the Sofia the First sticker set has you covered with its delightful and diverse array of options.

Description of Sofia the First’s Sticker

Row 1:
1. OK! – Sofia is smiling with her arms raised, looking cheerful.
2. Thank you! – Sofia is holding a bouquet of flowers, expressing gratitude.
3. Hooray! – Sofia and Clover are jumping with joy, celebrating a happy moment.
4. Excellent! – Sofia is clapping her hands, looking very pleased and supportive.

Row 2:
1. Nice! – Sofia is giving a thumbs up, showing approval.
2. Thank you! – Sofia is curtsying with a happy expression, showing appreciation.
3. Hooray! – Sofia and Clover are celebrating again with confetti.
4. Hello! – Sofia is waving, greeting someone warmly.

Row 3:
1. Hi there! – Sofia is waving while riding a unicorn, giving a cheerful hello.
2. Lovely! – Sofia is admiring a beautiful dress with a delighted expression.
3. Ta-dah! – Sofia is presenting something with a flourish.
4. Pleaseeee! – Sofia is clasping her hands, making a cute pleading gesture.

Row 4:
1. Let’s go! – Sofia and Clover are ready for action, full of energy.
2. Happy – Sofia is in a joyous mood, with hearts around her.
3. Uh-huh – Sofia is nodding, indicating agreement.
4. See you – Sofia is waving goodbye with a friendly smile.

Row 5:
1. No problem! – Sofia and King Roland are showing everything is okay.
2. Well done – Sofia is congratulating someone, showing a thumbs up.
3. Chill out – Sofia is relaxing, suggesting to take it easy.
4. Great! – Sofia is cheering with excitement and enthusiasm.

Row 6:
1. Let me think… – Sofia is pondering, looking thoughtful.
2. My bad… – Sofia looks apologetic, acknowledging a mistake.
3. Really? – Sofia and Clover are surprised, reacting to something unexpected.
4. Sorry… – Sofia is looking sad, expressing regret.

Row 7:
1. NO! – Sofia is strongly rejecting something, showing firm disapproval.
2. Oops… – Sofia is embarrassed, realizing a blunder.
3. Tea time – Sofia is enjoying a delightful tea party.
4. Bravo! – Sofia is clapping in applause, appreciating someone’s effort.

Row 8:
1. Cool! – Sofia is posing confidently, showing admiration and approval.

The “Sofia the First” sticker set offers a charming and expressive collection of stickers, each capturing the delightful moments and emotions from the beloved Disney series. This set not only features Sofia but also includes her friends, making it a delightful addition for fans of the show to brighten their chats. Published by The Walt Disney Company (Japan) Ltd., this set encapsulates the magic and joy of the Enchancia kingdom, making every conversation more enchanting.

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