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Everyone’s wearing kimonos for this special occasion. We hope you all enjoy this set! (These stickers are eligible for the New Year’s Stickers 2024 campaign.)

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Celebrate the New Year in Style with Studio UG Kimono Dress Up!

Are you a fan of kimonos and dressing up your favorite characters in vibrant outfits? Brace yourself for a festive treat with the new sticker set from Studio UG – Kimono Dress Up! It’s the perfect way to add a splash of fun and elegance to your celebrations.

Get Acquainted with the Crew

This sticker set brings to life four endearing characters from Studio UG’s beloved manga series. Meet Yuji, the spirited and sociable protagonist with a knack for making friends. Rina, the intelligent and kind-hearted heroine who may have a tiny crush on Yuji. Kenta, the cool and handsome rival secretly nursing some jealousy towards Yuji. Last but not least, Mika, the cute and mischievous best friend who enjoys teasing everyone.

Unveiling Studio UG

Behind the magic is Studio UG, a manga haven founded by the talented and award-winning manga artist, Nishimura Yuji. Known for creating hits like “Love Detective,” “School Life,” and “Fantasy Quest,” Nishimura Yuji also takes pride in publishing Studio UG’s sticker sets featuring his original characters and captivating stories.

What Sets This Sticker Set Apart?

Beyond its charm and cuteness, this sticker set exudes a festive and cultural vibe, paying homage to the Japanese tradition of donning kimonos for special occasions, especially the New Year. The stickers showcase the characters in various lively poses, adorned in an array of kimono styles and colors. Express your emotions, greet your loved ones, or inject some flair into your conversations with these delightful stickers.

What’s the holdup? Grab your Studio UG Kimono Dress Up sticker set today and usher in the New Year with a touch of flair and style!

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