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Sumikkogurashi keigo stickers are here! These polite messages are useful for people of all ages!

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Sumikkogurashi Daily Keigo Stickers Stickers Sticker

Immerse yourself in the world of Sumikkogurashi with the Daily Keigo animation sticker pack. Created by Imagineer Co., Ltd. and San-X Co., Ltd., these animated stickers add a touch of politeness and charm to your chats. Whether you’re a fan of Sumikkogurashi or simply appreciate cute and expressive animations, this sticker pack is a delightful addition to your collection.

The Sumikkogurashi Daily Keigo animation sticker pack features the beloved Sumikkogurashi characters in a variety of polite and respectful expressions. From bowing greetings to using honorific language, these stickers embody the essence of keigo, the formal Japanese language. They are perfect for conveying politeness, gratitude, and warmth in your conversations.

This sticker pack supports both Japanese and Mandarin languages, allowing you to express yourself in the language of your choice. Whether you’re communicating with friends in Japan or Mandarin-speaking regions, these stickers provide a charming way to connect and show respect through animated expressions.

The Sumikkogurashi Daily Keigo animation sticker pack is available for purchase at a price of 100 Coins. With this small investment, you gain access to a collection of animated stickers that exemplify the polite and respectful culture of Japan. To download the sticker pack, simply visit one of the following links based on your language preference:

For Japanese language users: line://shop/detail/28363
For users in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China: line://shop/detail/28364
No matter your preferred messaging platform, these stickers are compatible with various apps, ensuring that you can share the polite charm with friends and loved ones, no matter the platform they use.

Imagineer Co., Ltd. and San-X Co., Ltd., the creators of the Sumikkogurashi Daily Keigo animation stickers, have beautifully captured the essence of politeness and respect in Japanese culture. These stickers showcase the adorable Sumikkogurashi characters in a way that promotes courteous interactions and fosters a sense of harmony. They serve as a gentle reminder of the importance of politeness and consideration in our daily lives.

Sumikkogurashi Daily Keigo animation sticker pack is a must-have for Sumikkogurashi fans and anyone who appreciates the art of politeness. With their adorable designs and language support, these stickers will add a touch of charm and respect to your chats. So, don’t wait any longer—purchase the sticker pack today and let the Sumikkogurashi characters spread politeness and warmth in your conversations. Enjoy the animated politeness and embrace the beauty of respectful interactions!

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