AKB’s 16 most popular members are back! This time, the AKB girls are yukking it up with their favorite silly voices like it’s nobody’s business. The sound for these stickers will play on iPhones even if your device is set to silent mode. But why would you ever want to mute these golden pipes anyway?

Enjoy these new voice stickers from Nippon TV’s drama series "Majimuri Gakuen," soon to be released as a theatrical play! Start a revolution in your chats and engage in max destruction with these unbeatable stickers.

Take a trip down memory lane with some of the best songs from AKB48. Fill your chats with popular favorites as well as sounds from the newest single, 11gatsu no Anklet. When tapped, these stickers will play on iPhones even in silent mode.

To mark the release of AKB48’s 37th single, "Kokoro no Placard", members voted 1st through 16th at the general election are back in new outfits for this sticker set that uses their actual faces!

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