Peppy little Usagyuuun makes its LINE official sticker debut—perfect for couples too! This surreal rabbit is looking as unstoppable as ever, but we all know that’s just how it rolls.

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My dream is to become a patissier who can bring a smile to everyone! Let me use the power of sweets to bring a smile to you too!

Are you ready to meet an all-new Aggressive Bear Betakkuma and his buddy Baby Betakkuma?Liven up your chats with this surreally funny sticker set!

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  • betakkuma para whatsapp (1)

The uber-popular Betakkuma joins Coca-Cola for this refreshing set! These 16 great stickers are sure to get things going. They’re perfect for Xmas and New Year’s too! Friend Coca-Cola’s official account to get them for free.

The best is yet to come! This cute rabbit and cat pair will deliver positive emotions to you all!

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