It’s a super-powered team-up in this sticker set from the DC Super Heroes vs. Eagle Talon movie. Only good things can happen when Yoshida takes on the mantle of heroes like Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. When tapped, these stickers will play on iPhones even in silent mode.
(more…) & The LEGO® BATMAN Movie Line Sticker
New LINE Bubble 2 × The LEGO® Batman Movie collaboration stickers are now out! Meet the conditions in the game to get these awesome limited stickers! Available till May 9, 2017.
(more…) Line Sticker | The greatest superhero, Superman arrives on LINE! Donning his popular costume featuring the iconic Superman shield, he fights for justice and peace.

(more…) Line Sticker | The caped crusader, Batman arrives on LINE! Using his intellect, high-tech gadgets, and martial arts the iconic superhero battles the villains of Gotham City!