Check out these LINE Stickers featuring the popular anime Love Live! Superstar!! Members from the band Leilla! are here to make your chats sing.

Wild stickers from the hit anime, TIGER & BUNNY! Kotetsu, Barnaby, and all the other unique superheroes are here to add some punch to your chats!

The super awesome anime "Mashin Hero Wataru: The Seven Spirits of Ryujinmaru" comes to LINE in a new set of stickers. Wataru and his friends are going all out to power up your chats!

The 2nd installment from LoveLive! This set comes complete with lots of famous scenes and one-liners. Add some love to your chats with the members of μ’s!

All the members from Aqours feature in this sticker set from the "Love Live! Sunshine!!" series. Bring the fun of the anime to your chats today!

The girls of Love Live are fighting to save their school. Will you fight to download these stickers? The stars of μ’s are waiting for you!

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