UNIQLO’s “UT GRAND PRIX 2019” has been flooded with design applications from around the world on the theme of “POKÉMON”. Winning design pops up and becomes a LINE sticker! You will be able to become friends with UNIQLO official account ♪

Popular characters from NHK E-Tele appear for the first time at UNIQLO UT! In the LINE original sticker of the release commemoration, please enjoy the talk with the dad and the mom, furthermore the mom friend ☆ You will get it when you become friends with the UNIQLO official account ♪

This sticker also know as:

  • Free donwload stikerz line (5)
  • Stickers Free (5)
  • free line us stickers (2)

UNIQLO’s Qchan stickers are finally here! Sometimes, winter is all about forgetting the cold outside thanks to warm and stylish clothes—and cute stickers! Friend UNIQLO Taiwan’s official account to get the set for free.