Roulette: Attractive eye’s cat Collaboration TOYOTA & livedoor Blog

Posted on Attractive eye’s cat Collaboration TOYOTA & livedoor Blog Line Sticker | Attractive eye’s cat x livedoor Blog Line Sticker | This keen-eyed kitty has peepers like you wouldn’t believe! Get all the latest info on the hottest picks from the editors of livedoor Blog sent straight to your LINE account every day. Friend livedoor Blog’s official account to get these exclusive stickers for free!

TOYOTA is teaming up with the ever popular “Attractive eye’s cat” to see just how far ridiculously attractive eyes can take you! Friend TOYOTOWN’s official account to get this fun 16 sticker set for free!

Introducing another exclusive set of Roulette stickers! This time, they feature popular creator ROSHIHI’s inimitable Attractive eye’s cat!Available till October 24, 2016.

Name LINE Sticker:
TOYOTA x Attractive eye’s cat line://shop/detail/5964
Attractive eye’s cat x livedoor Blog line://shop/detail/5239
Roulette: Attractive eye’s cat line://shop/detail/6475

Free/Paid : free

Publisher : Toyota Motor

Copyright : Toyota Motor Corporation ©ROSHIHI

This sticker also know as:

  • Line Hello Kitty PNG (20)