ZAQ Animated Stickers

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ZAQ Animated Stickers LINE Stickers | In honor of ZAQ claiming the number 1 spot in the Creators’ Stickers monthly rankings, we’re releasing this set of animated stickers so you can delight in ZAQ’s fluid and erratic movements on a daily basis –

The popular animated ZAQ is back! The much-awaited 2nd series of animated ZAQ stickers has arrived! Watch the video to get it. Please note that sound will play when you watch the video.

Say hello to the cute and lovable ZAQ! This cute little guy is here to dance, tumble, and bounce across your screen! The Zaq attack is back, and this time he’s ANIMATED!

Title : ZAQ Animated Stickers

Free/Paid : Paid & Free

Price: 100 coins

Link : line://shop/detail/5929

Type: Animation

Publisher : J:COM

Copyright : Jupiter Telecommunications Co., Ltd.

ZAQ Animated Stickers
ZAQ Animated (Free)


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