Love Tumurin: Taiwan & Thai Version + Animated!

Posted on Tumurin: Taiwan & Thai Version + Animated! Line Sticker | These animated stickers are for Taiwan only! Go ahead and use them to happily chatter away!
Tumurin now has a new set of animated stickers exclusive to Thailand! This is one snail you’ll definitely want around!

The vivacious snail Tumurin, together with his little slug friend Namerin, will quickly liven up your chats with this new sticker set!

Name LINE Sticker:
Animated! Tumurin Taiwan Version line://shop/detail/4727
Animated! Tumurin Thai Version line://shop/detail/5548
Love Love Tumurin line://shop/detail/5988

Free/Paid : paid

Publisher : Momomo world

Copyright : ©Momomo world

This sticker also know as:

  • gudetama sanrio gif (52)