Bac Bac’s Diary is Moving! (+Again)

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Vol.1: Bac Bac can move now! Ready to chit-chat with an animated Bac Bac?
Vol.2: Bac Bac’s back with another animated sticker set!

Bac Bac's Diary is Moving Again Line Sticker PNG-6612Bac Bac's Diary is Moving! Line Sticker PNG-5258
Vol. 2Vol. 1
Vol. 1Vol. 2

Bac Bac's Diary is Moving! WhatsApp Sticker GIF-5258
5258 – Bac Bac’s Diary is Moving!

Bac Bac’s Bringing His Lively Moves to Your Chats!

Get ready to add some pep to your messages, because the delightfully animated Bac Bac is hopping into sticker form on LINE and WhatsApp! Bac Bac’s Diary is Moving! sticker set features our energetic bird buddy expressing himself through a variety of vivacious poses and gestures.

Bac Bac's Diary is Moving Again WhatsApp Sticker GIF-6612
6612 – Bac Bac’s Diary is Moving Again

A Sticker Star is Born

You’ve enjoyed Bac Bac’s adventures in his popular web comics and animated videos. Now, this feathered sensation is ready to liven up your conversations with his bubbly personality and signature moves. Picture Bac Bac shimmying, shaking, and shimmering across your screen with every new message!

Express Yourself with Bac Bac’s Diary is Moving! LINE Sticker Antics

With over 20 animated stickers to choose from, you’ll have no shortage of ways to react, respond, and riff with your friends. Bac Bac bops and bounces through expressions of joy, laughter, shock, and more. He’s a master of communicating emotions without saying a word!

Download Now Bac Bac’s Diary is Moving! Sticker on LINE and WhatsApp

Don’t let your chats fall flat! Inject them with Bac Bac’s upbeat energy by downloading the Bac Bac’s Diary is Moving! sticker set today on LINE and WhatsApp. Brought to you by the creative mind of publisher Daryl Cheung, with illustrations and animations by Darylhochi 2015.

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