#Bagi Bagi Kebahagiaan

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Share with your friends the happiness that Ramadhan brings—by sending them these stickers from Blibli(dot)com. Friend Blibli(dot)com’s official account to get them for free!

#BagiBagiKebahagiaan Line Sticker PNG

  • Title : #BagiBagiKebahagiaan
  • Price : Free
  • Type : Static
  • Expiry Date : Available till June 20, 2018.
  • Language : Indonesian
  • Link : line://shop/detail/11387
  • Publisher : Blibli(dot)com
  • Copyright : Blibli(dot)com

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11387 – #BagiBagiKebahagiaan

Sharing Happiness with #BagiBagiKebahagiaan Stickers

The #BagiBagiKebahagiaan sticker collection, available on LINE and WhatsApp, encapsulates the joy and spirit of Ramadan. These static stickers, brought to you by Bliblidotcom, allow you to express heartfelt sentiments to your friends. Whether it’s a cheerful greeting or a warm Ramadan wish, these stickers convey the essence of sharing happiness during this special season. Let’s dive into the delightful characters featured in this sticker set:

1. The Joyful Lantern: Meet the radiant lantern character! With its glowing smile, it symbolizes the light of hope and positivity that Ramadan brings. Whether you’re sending a “Happy Iftar” or a “Blessed Eid,” this lantern is your go-to messenger.

2. The Crescent Moon: Say hello to the crescent moon! It graces the night sky during Ramadan, marking the beginning of fasting and the end of each day. Use this sticker to wish your loved ones a peaceful and blessed month.

3. The Giving Hands: These hands represent the spirit of generosity. They hold a heart, signifying the act of giving and sharing. When you want to express gratitude or send warm wishes, these hands do it eloquently.

Bliblidotcom: The Publisher and Copyright Holder of #BagiBagiKebahagiaan LINE Sticker

Bliblidotcom, a prominent e-commerce platform, proudly presents the #BagiBagiKebahagiaan sticker collection. As the publisher, Bliblidotcom curates delightful content that resonates with users. Their commitment to simplicity, diversity, and seamless experiences shines through in these stickers. Bliblidotcom ensures that shopping is not just convenient but also joyful for its customers.

Regarding copyright, Bliblidotcom holds the exclusive rights to these stickers. Their creative team has meticulously crafted each design, ensuring originality and authenticity. So when you share these stickers, you’re celebrating not only Ramadan but also the creativity of Bliblidotcom.

Why You’ll Love #BagiBagiKebahagiaan WhatsApp Sticker

Imagine sending a warm “Ramadan Kareem” or a playful “Eid Mubarak” using these expressive stickers. They add a touch of delight to your chats, making your conversations more memorable. Plus, they’re available for free! Simply befriend Bliblidotcom’s official account, and the #BagiBagiKebahagiaan stickers are yours to share. Let’s spread happiness, one sticker at a time!

Remember, these stickers are a small gesture that can brighten someone’s day. So go ahead, share the joy, and celebrate Ramadan with #BagiBagiKebahagiaan!

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