BONOBONO + Animated + Talking + Pop-Up

Posted on + Animated + Talking + Pop-Up Line Sticker BONOBONO comes to LINE with his best friends from the forest, Shimarisu and Araiguma. Let their simple and good-natured charm bring a smile to your face.
BONOBONOʹs second sticker set is more animated than ever! Bonobonoʹs adorable gestures will melt your heart and fill your chats with joy.

Bonobono is back in their third set of stickers! You’ll encounter your old favorites Bonobono, Shimarisu-kun, and Araiguma-kun. Shimacchau’s here too! The sound for these stickers will play on iPhones even if your device is set to silent mode.

Get ready for Bonobono’s fourth round of stickers, back by popular demand! He and his forest friends will fill your chats with charm! The sound for these stickers will play on iPhones even if your device is set to silent mode.
Download Bubble 2 and clear stage 45 to get super cute animated Bonobono stickers! Available till January 19, 2016. (Only new users who start playing the game after December 29 are eligible.)

BONOBONO’s fifth set of stickers feature soft, gently textured colors. When you think you can’t go on any longer, take a breather and chat with the otter.

Bonobono’s back and bigger than ever in this new and adorable pop-up sticker set, featuring Bonobono and his buddies. These stickers can be purchased on LINE 6.3.0 or above. Please update to the latest version of LINE to get these stickers.

It’s time for more pop-up fun from Bonobono and friends in lucky sticker set number 7. Fill your chats with the good times of these funny animals today!

Name (LINE Sticker):
BONOBONO (Paid | 100 coins) line://shop/detail/1979
Bonobono’s Summer Trip (Free | Temporary) line://shop/detail/2431
BONOBONO (Animated Stickers) line://shop/detail/3727 
Talking BONOBONO Stickers line://shop/detail/5224
More Talking BONOBONO Stickers line://shop/detail/5681
BONOBONO (Animated Stickers) FREE line://shop/detail/5700
Soft BONOBONO Stickers Cheer Up Your Day line://shop/detail/6046
BONOBONO’s Pop-Up Bash line://shop/detail/6643
BONOBONO’s Pop-Up Party line://shop/detail/8050

Publisher: Sony Digital/TAKE SHOBO | JTB



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