Butata New Year’s Omikuji Stickers

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Butata brings his patented piggy power to help you get through the busy New Year’s season. These stickers are an excellent way to get the year started off right! Available for a limited time only! Omikuji lasts from December 27, 2018 to January 3, 2019.

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  • Title : Butata New Year’s Omikuji Stickers
  • Price : Paid / 50 Coins
  • Type : Static
  • Expiry Date : Available till January 9, 2019.
  • Language : Japanese
  • Link : line://shop/detail/12852
  • Publisher : decosmith
  • Copyright : 2014 decosmith

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12852 – Butata New Year’s Omikuji Stickers

Delightful World of “Butata New Year’s Omikuji Stickers”

Step into the realm of joy and celebration with the “Butata New Year’s Omikuji Stickers” for LINE and WhatsApp. These charming stickers feature the lovable Butata character, infusing your messages with a burst of festive cheer and good fortune. Get ready to embrace the spirit of the New Year with this delightful collection.

Behind the Scenes of Butata New Year’s Omikuji Stickers LINE Sticker

The Publisher: decosmith

decosmith is a renowned publisher dedicated to bringing delightful and innovative sticker collections to the digital world. With a keen eye for creativity and a passion for spreading joy, they collaborate with talented artists to curate a diverse range of sticker sets that resonate with users worldwide.

Copyright: 2014 decosmith

These stickers are a product of decosmith’s creative endeavors and are protected by copyright laws. The 2014 decosmith copyright ensures the authenticity and originality of the “Butata New Year’s Omikuji Stickers,” safeguarding the hard work and artistry behind their creation.

A Festive Celebration in Digital Form

Butata’s Cheerful Presence

The “Butata New Year’s Omikuji Stickers” feature the adorable Butata character, a playful and endearing piggy known for bringing smiles to faces. With its expressive emotions and vibrant designs, Butata becomes the perfect companion to convey your heartfelt New Year’s wishes and spread joy throughout the season.

A Whimsical Journey Through Tradition

Inspired by the traditional Japanese practice of Omikuji, these stickers offer a delightful blend of cultural heritage and modern digital expression. Each sticker captures the essence of New Year’s celebrations, from festive decorations to symbolic elements, inviting you on a whimsical journey through time-honored traditions.

Elevating Your Digital Interactions with Butata New Year’s Omikuji Stickers WhatsApp Sticker

Expressive Communication

With a diverse range of expressions and scenarios depicted, the “Butata New Year’s Omikuji Stickers” empower you to communicate your emotions and sentiments with clarity and creativity. Whether you’re sending warm wishes, expressing excitement, or simply adding a touch of playfulness, these stickers elevate your digital interactions to new heights.

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