Animated Stickers Line Sticker | RingRing is now animated! These animated stickers featuring RingRing give you exactly what you need to better express your emotions in your conversations. You’ll definitely be able to make others feel warm from your chats.

(more…) Kala: Dook Dik, Cute and Funny Boy Line Sticker | Hua Kala…The funny boy wants to run and play into your chats today!
Hua Kala is a super fun little guy that’s here to make your chats more awesome than ever. Oh yeah!
(more…) & Family + Animated Line Sticker |  PangPond, a legendary Thai character since 1989 is here on LINE. Use these cute, mischievous, yet imaginative stickers to liven up your chats.
Pangpond is back in town with a new set of talking animated stickers! Your loved ones will swoon in delight every time you send them one of these adorable designs. (more…)

Ring in the new year with your favorite LINE pals! Featuring a hibernating Brown, Cony in her best New Year’s kimono, Sally dressed up as 2017’s rooster, and much more, this set will help you start the year off right.
(more…) & Vulgar Bear’s New Year’s Gift Line Sticker | The seal may have a stinging tongue and the bear may be a bit vulgar at times, but they’re on their best (and cutest) behavior in these special new year greetings! These bear-y good stickers get our “seal” of approval! Available till January 15, 2017. Note: New Year’s Gift lasts from Dec 27, 2016 to Jan 3, 2017.

(more…) Marudashi New Year’s Gift Stickers Line Sticker | All of your favorites from the Kibun Marudashi series are here, including the popular cat and bear from Love Mode! When you want to leave subtlety behind and let people know just how you feel, this is the set for you. Available till January 15, 2017. Note: New Year’s Gift lasts from Dec 27, 2016 to Jan 3, 2017.

(more…) Back Alley Life Line Sticker | The popular manga series from comico, Back Alley Life, returns to LINE with a set of animated stickers! Let Kuchinashi’s cute couple featuring Mashiro, a little kitty girl, and Akame, a tough yet lonely boy, add emotion to your chats with their cute stickers!

(more…) × Apps for Earth Line Sticker | LINE, Apple, and WWF are working together to protect life on our planet. Pangyo the panda, the newest member of the LINE FRIENDS, makes his world debut in this limited edition sticker set! From now until 12 pm on April 25 (GMT+9), WWF will receive 100% of the proceeds from your purchase of these stickers.

(more…) Brothers 1 & 2 Line Sticker | We love nature, but we’re not hamsters. Our brothers don’t drive, but we ride bicycle. We’re Hipster Brothers who eat organic burgers. (more…)“Support Kumamoto” Stickers Line Sticker | These are stickers to support the affected areas of the 2016 earthquake that hit Kumamoto. Sales Proceeds will be donated to disaster relief efforts through Japanese Red Cross Society. The processing fee, which is included in the selling price, will be matched and donated by LINE. Available till 18th, May, 2016

(more…) for Taiwan Line Sticker | These are stickers to support the affected areas of the earthquake that occurred in Southern Taiwan. Proceeds from the sales of this set will be donated to disaster relief efforts in the affected areas through Japanese Red Cross Society. Available till March 9, 2016

(more…) X UNICEF: Baby & Special Edition, Sweet Love Line Sticker | LINE X UNICEF Special Edition stickers are here. Friend UNICEF Japan’s official account to get them! Available till August 5, 2015. ※UNICEF does not endorse any business or product. (more…)

This sticker also know as:

  • love stiker (19)
  • line x unicef sweet love stickers (16) Sunny 1 + 2 Line Sticker | Hi I’m Sunny. I Love You. Hello Sunny’s back for round 2 with cute animated and sound stickers!