are Lovely Pets + Animated + Sound Line Sticker | Pets and popular words from “We are Lovely Pets”, the popular Youtube program from VRZO PRODUCTION.
Animal lovers rejoice! This set’s full of pets and their popular quotes from VRZO Production’s famous Youtube show “We are Lovely Pet.” (more…) Time + Animated Line Sticker | It’s Adventure Time! Finn the human and Jake the dog are always around with stickers including a sparkle of humour. Come on and grab your friends, because Adventure Time just partied its way onto LINE! Let make your chats totally rhombus.
Super popular Cartoon Network show “Adventure Time” now has stickers on LINE, and they’re animated too! Let Jake the dog, Finn the human, and BMO make your chats totally rhombus.

(more…) Black Line Sticker | It’s me! PleUm Leekpai!

(more…) Black Line Sticker | It’s me, TubTim!