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(more…) Pop-Up Stickers Line Sticker | BearPlease is back in his very first set of pop-up stickers! Watch as this sweet bear leaps onto your chat screen. This aww-some sticker set is sure to warm some hearts!

BearPlease is back again with a second set! This time, BearPlease shrinks down to cub size for extra cuteness.
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(more…) Husband Only + Pop-Up Line Sticker | The little bear cutie from the popular cartoon blog Bear and Black Sheep now has a set of animated sound stickers on LINE!

The My Husband Only sticker series returns, now in full screen animated pop-up glory! Level up your chats with even more fun and laughter when chatting with your SO!
The return of My Husband Only stickers—now in full-frame, animated pop-up style! These new stickers will take your chats to a whole new level of fun and laughter, especially when chatting with those close to your heart.


This sticker also know as:

  • Husband Stickers (1) + Animated + Talking + Pop-Up Line Sticker BONOBONO comes to LINE with his best friends from the forest, Shimarisu and Araiguma. Let their simple and good-natured charm bring a smile to your face.
BONOBONOʹs second sticker set is more animated than ever! Bonobonoʹs adorable gestures will melt your heart and fill your chats with joy. (more…)