cherng’s illustration + Animated
cherng’s illustration + Animated

cherng’s illustration + Animated

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Taiwan’s cherng has over 300 thousand fans on Facebook! Use his unique black and white creativity to express all kinds of moods.
Taiwanʹs most well-known black & white creature Cherng and its friend are back with sensational LINE animated stickers! For free: Sour Skittles New Lanch! Get the freeSourism” sticker set now! Buy Skittles products and enter the serial number to download. Available till November 11, 2014.
Oh my stars, what an amazing set of stickers! Get ready for an invasion of talking stickers featuring the most popular black and white animal in Taiwan. Brace yourselves for impact!

More than words.

Name (LINE Sticker):
Cherng’s Illustration (50 coins) line://shop/detail/1466
Cherng II – Animated Stickers (100 coins) line://shop/detail/3431
Skittles × Cherng’s Sourism (Free) line://shop/detail/2792
Cherng III – Talking Stickers line://shop/detail/4963
Full of LAIMO:The 4th Stickers of Cherng line://shop/detail/7071

Publisher : Cherng Ltd. | DamoCulture Inc. | Skittles®

Copyright : Copyright © DamoCulture Inc. | Wrigley Taiwan Limited | CHERNG


This sticker also know as:

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  • cherngsillustration Animated-LINEStickers (13)