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Vol. 1: A grand introduction to the popular Twitter comic "Chiikawa" is here! The various interactions between the small and cute "Chiikawa" and its friends Usagi and Hachiware are now your daily interactions. Let these handy stickers enrich your cute little life!

Vol. 2: Coming from Japan, the popular "chiikawa" is launching a second set of LINE stickers with its cute friends! It’s a good way to experience the charm of chiikawa by having this selection of 24 easy-to-use stickers.

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Vol. 1Vol. 2
Vol. 1Vol. 2

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A Grand Introduction to the Popular Twitter Comic “Chiikawa”

If you are a fan of cute and funny comics, you might have heard of “Chiikawa”, a popular Twitter comic by nagano. “Chiikawa” features the adorable adventures of a small and fluffy dog named Chiikawa, and his friends Usagi, a rabbit, and Hachiware, a cat. The comic has gained a lot of popularity for its simple yet charming art style, and its relatable and humorous scenarios. Now, you can enjoy “Chiikawa” even more with the official sticker set for LINE and WhatsApp!

Who is behind Chiikawa LINE Sticker?

Chiikawa was created by nagano, a Japanese illustrator and manga artist who has a passion for animals and nature. Nagano started drawing chiikawa as a hobby, but soon gained a lot of fans who loved the character’s cute and quirky personality. Nagano also draws other characters, such as kurokuma (a black bear), shirokuma (a polar bear), and neko (a cat).

The publisher of chiikawa stickers is San-Byte Creative Co., Ltd., a company that specializes in digital content creation and distribution. San-Byte Creative Co., Ltd. has been producing and publishing various stickers, games, and apps for LINE and other platforms since 2013. Some of their popular works include “Kanahei’s Small animals”, “Rascal”, and “Sumikko Gurashi”.

What can you expect from the Chiikawa WhatsApp Sticker set?

The sticker set contains 40 static stickers that feature Chiikawa and his friends in various situations. You can use them to express your emotions, opinions, greetings, or just to have fun with your friends. The stickers are designed to be easy to use and suitable for any occasion. Whether you want to say hello, thank someone, apologize, or make a joke, you can find a sticker that matches your mood.

The stickers also capture the unique personalities and relationships of the characters. Chiikawa is a curious and friendly dog who loves to explore and play. Usagi is a calm and gentle rabbit who often acts as the voice of reason. Hachiware is a mischievous and playful cat who likes to tease Chiikawa. Together, they make a perfect trio of friends who always support each other.

If you are a fan of “Chiikawa”, or if you are looking for some cute and funny stickers to spice up your chats, you should definitely check out the official sticker set for LINE and WhatsApp. You will not regret it!

How can you get chiikawa stickers?

To get chiikawa stickers, you need to have LINE or WhatsApp installed on your smartphone or tablet. You can then visit the sticker shop on either app and search for “chiikawa”. You will see the sticker set with the price and a preview of the stickers. You can then purchase the sticker set with your credit card or other payment methods. Once you have purchased the sticker set, you can start using it on your chats right away.

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