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Cream Brother is here again to celebrate Chinese New Year with you! Friend Cream Brother’s official account to get these stickers.

Cream Brother: Chinese New Year Line Sticker PNG

  • Title : Cream Brother: Chinese New Year
  • Price : Free
  • Type : Static
  • Expiry Date : Available until March 2, 2016
  • Language : Mandarin
  • Link : line://shop/detail/5891
  • Publisher : Cream Brother Limited
  • Copyright : Cream Brother Limited

Cream Brother: Chinese New Year WhatsApp Sticker GIF
5891 – Cream Brother: Chinese New Year

Cream Brother’s Adorable Feline Chinese New Year Stickers

Get ready to usher in the Lunar New Year with an extra dose of cuteness! Cream Brother Limited has released an absolutely delightful set of Chinese New Year-themed cat stickers that are sure to add some feline festivity to your LINE and WhatsApp chats. This charming collection features the lovable Cream Brother cat characters decked out in holiday attire and expressing all sorts of celebratory sentiments.

A Purr-fect Blend of Tradition and Whimsy

Right from the first row, these stickers capture the essence of Chinese New Year with an adorable twist. We see two plump kitties side-by-side, likely wishing us good fortune and prosperity. Next up is a close-up of a cream-colored cat’s face – perhaps the namesake Cream Brother himself – looking expectant and ready for treats. The third sticker shows a wide-eyed white cat exclaiming something excitedly, while the fourth depicts a ginger tabby sporting a traditional red hat and looking quite pleased with itself.

Moving down to the second row, we’re greeted by a pair of cuddly cats, one black and one white, sharing a tender moment. This is followed by another close-up of our cream-colored friend, this time with an amused expression. The third sticker in this row features a fluffy white cat wearing a cute crown or hat, while the final one shows off a particularly rotund feline with a mischievous grin.

Expressing New Year Wishes Through Whiskers

The third row kicks off with an endearing image of a chubby cat trio, likely conveying wishes for the new year. Next, we see our cream-colored star again, this time with a more pensive look. The third sticker shows a roly-poly white cat striking a celebratory pose, while the fourth features another portrait of the cream cat, looking particularly content.

In the final row, we’re treated to even more variety. There’s a sweet white kitty surrounded by hearts, perfect for sending New Year’s love. Next is a portrait of the cream cat wearing glasses – perhaps for reading New Year’s fortunes? The third sticker shows an adorable black and white cat, while the set rounds out with one last portrait of our cream-colored friend, this time with a particularly cheerful expression.

Cream Brother Limited: Spreading Joy One Sticker at a Time

Cream Brother Limited, both the publisher and copyright holder of this sticker set, has truly outdone themselves with this collection. Known for their charming cat characters, the company has expertly woven Chinese New Year themes into their existing style. The result is a set of stickers that manages to be both culturally relevant and universally appealing.

What makes these stickers stand out is their ability to convey a wide range of emotions and sentiments. From excitement and joy to contentment and affection, each sticker captures a unique mood that users can easily incorporate into their holiday conversations. The vibrant colors, expressive cat faces, and subtle nods to Chinese New Year traditions (like the red hat) all come together to create a cohesive and delightful set.

Limited Time Offer: Grab These Stickers Before They Disappear!

In true festive spirit, Cream Brother is offering these stickers as a special treat for their fans. To get your paws on this adorable collection, simply friend Cream Brother’s official account. But don’t dawdle – these stickers are only available until March 2, 2016. This limited-time offer adds an extra layer of exclusivity to the set, making them even more desirable for sticker enthusiasts and cat lovers alike.

Enhancing Your Digital Celebrations

With the increasing digitization of our communications, stickers like these play a crucial role in helping us express ourselves online. During festive seasons like Chinese New Year, when many people might be separated from loved ones, these cute and expressive stickers can help bridge the distance. They allow users to send quick, fun, and heartfelt messages that capture the spirit of the holiday.

A Purr-fect Addition to Your New Year Chats

Cream Brother’s Chinese New Year sticker set is a delightful blend of cuteness, humor, and holiday cheer. Whether you’re wishing someone good fortune, expressing excitement for the new year, or simply want to send a smile, there’s a perfect cat sticker for every occasion. By combining the universal appeal of adorable cats with the specific traditions of Chinese New Year, Cream Brother Limited has created a versatile and charming sticker set that’s sure to enhance any LINE or WhatsApp conversation.

Don’t miss out on this limited-time offer to add some feline festivity to your chats. Friend Cream Brother’s official account today and let these lovable kitties help you spread joy and good wishes throughout the Lunar New Year season!

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