Darumahakase & Meiko + Animated

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http://www.line-stickers.com/Darumahakase & Meiko + Animated Line Sticker | Meikogijukuʹs original character “Darumahakase” makes an appearance on LINE! Many different stickers for every occasion! Everyone loves YDK! Weʹre cheering on all the hard workers who follow their dreams. Meiko Gijukuʹs popular characters are here to motivate you with new animated stickers. Use them to pump up your friends!

After debuting to a roaring success last year, Meiko is back with all-new animated stickers! Let YDK and Saboro bring some excitement to your chats! You won’t be able to get enough of them! Friend Meiko Gijuku’s official account to get them for free. Available till March 14, 2016

Name LINE Sticker:
Darumahakase line://shop/detail/652
YDK Meiko Animated Stickers line://shop/detail/3864
YDK Meiko Animated Stickers line://shop/detail/5933
Free/Paid : Free

Status : Temporary

Publisher : meikogijuku

Copyright : Copyright © Meiko Network Japan Co., Ltd