Posted on DOKI PRETTY CURE! Line Sticker |  Superstars of Japan’s Sunday morning cartoon block “DOKI DOKI PRETTY CURE!” are now a part of LINE! All your favorite characters from the popular cartoon Doki Doki Pretty Cure! are here: the 5 Cures, Princess Marie Ange, and even Selfish Trio! And if you want free, you can get it on “DOKI DOKI PRETTY CURE! (Cure Heart)“. Each sticker is cuter than the last? 10th anniversary, the wildly popular anime Pretty Cure has released a new sticker set to celebrate its! Can you name all the Pretty Cures and become a Pretty Cure Master?

Name LINE Sticker:
DOKI DOKI PRETTY CURE! | Paid | line://shop/detail/1295
DOKI DOKI PRETTY CURE! (Cure Heart) | Free | line://shop/detail/1206

Pretty Cure All Stars | Paid | line://shop/detail/2890

Publisher : ABC ? TOEI ANIMATION | 2013 DKPMC

Copyright : © ABC ? TOEI ANIMATION © T.A. | 2013 DKPMC

This sticker also know as:

  • Precure (1)