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Make an impact in your first messages of the new year with these stickers from the world of Duncan. Who knows, you may even be able to use them all year round!

LINE Sticker Magic: Duncan's New Year Collection

  • Title : Duncan New Year Stickers
  • Price : Paid / 50 Coins
  • Type : Static
  • Expiry Date : Available till February 1, 2017.
  • Language : Mandarin
  • Link : line://shop/detail/7890
  • Publisher : Duncan Design
  • Copyright : Duncan Design

Celebrate with Duncan WhatsApp Stickers: New Year Edition
7890 – Duncan New Year Stickers

Duncan New Year Stickers for LINE & WhatsApp: Make Your Messages Shine

Hey there, sticker enthusiasts and digital message connoisseurs! We’re diving headfirst into the exciting world of Duncan New Year stickers for LINE and WhatsApp. If you’re wondering why these stickers are worth your attention, stick around as we unveil the secrets to making your New Year’s messages sparkle and stand out.

The Sparkling Introduction

So, what’s the buzz about these Duncan New Year stickers? Well, imagine this: It’s the dawn of a brand-new year, and you’re eager to send your warm wishes to friends and family. But words alone won’t cut it, right? That’s where these vibrant and festive stickers come into play. They add that extra touch of fun and excitement to your messages, making them memorable and heartwarming.

Why Duncan Stickers Matter

You might be thinking, “Why Duncan?” Well, it’s simple. Duncan’s stickers are more than just cute graphics; they’re a gateway to expressing your feelings in a lively, animated way. They encapsulate the spirit of celebration, whether you’re welcoming the New Year, saying ‘Cheers!’ to a friend’s success, or just spreading good vibes.

Setting the Mood

Now, let’s get down to business. You want to make your New Year’s messages memorable, right? Here’s how Duncan stickers can help:

1. Expressive Emotions

Duncan stickers come in a variety of emotions, from joy and excitement to gratitude and love. So, whether you’re feeling ecstatic about the year ahead or simply want to send a heartfelt ‘Thank You’ for the past year’s blessings, there’s a sticker for every sentiment.

2. Festive Vibes

These stickers are all about celebrating in style. You’ll find fireworks, confetti, party hats, and more, instantly infusing your messages with that festive New Year’s spirit. Your friends won’t be able to resist joining in the fun.

3. Personalized Touch

But here’s the best part – you can personalize your messages with these stickers. Add your own greetings, wishes, or even inside jokes to make the experience truly unique. It’s like creating a digital greeting card, but way cooler!

About Duncan New Year Stickers

Alright, let’s dive deeper into the world of Duncan New Year stickers. These stickers are the brainchild of Duncan Design, a creative powerhouse known for their eye-catching and imaginative digital artwork.

The Theme and Design

So, what’s the scoop on the design? Duncan Design has crafted these stickers with a burst of vibrant colors and playful imagery that perfectly captures the essence of New Year’s celebrations. You’ll find adorable party animals, dazzling fireworks, and charming messages that will make your chats come alive with joy and enthusiasm.


Now, here’s the thing – these Duncan New Year stickers are available for a limited time. You’ve got until February 1, 2017, to sprinkle your messages with these delightful stickers. After that, poof! They might disappear like the last bit of confetti from a New Year’s party.

Creating Memorable New Year Messages

Now that you’re armed with Duncan New Year stickers, it’s time to learn how to craft the perfect New Year’s message that leaves a lasting impression. Here are some tips and tricks to make your messages shine:

1. Mix and Match

Don’t be shy about mixing and matching Duncan stickers to create a unique story in your messages. Combine cheerful fireworks with a cute dancing animal or pair a “Happy New Year!” sticker with a heartfelt message. The possibilities are endless!

2. Personalize Your Greetings

While stickers add a fun touch, don’t forget to include a personal message too. Share your thoughts, wishes, and resolutions for the year ahead. It’s the personal touch that truly makes your message special.

3. Express Your Feelings

New Year’s is all about fresh starts and new beginnings. Use Duncan stickers to express your emotions. Show excitement, gratitude, and love through these expressive visuals. Let your recipients know how much they mean to you.

4. Keep It Short and Sweet

Remember, brevity is the soul of wit. Keep your New Year’s messages concise, so they pack a punch. A few well-chosen words and a couple of stickers can convey your heartfelt wishes perfectly.

5. Timing Matters

Don’t wait until the last minute to send your New Year’s greetings. Send them out a little before midnight to ensure your loved ones receive your wishes right on time. It adds an element of surprise and joy to the celebration.

6. Share Your Resolutions

If you have New Year’s resolutions, share them! It’s a great way to inspire and motivate your friends and family. Plus, it opens up conversations about goals and aspirations.

Using Stickers All Year Round

So, you’ve fallen in love with Duncan New Year stickers, but did you know you can use them beyond the New Year’s festivities? Let’s explore some creative ideas on how to keep the sticker magic alive throughout the year:

1. Birthday Celebrations

Imagine sending a “Happy Birthday” message with a burst of confetti and a party hat sticker. It’s an instant party in a chat! Duncan stickers can make birthdays feel extra special.

2. Achievements and Milestones

Celebrate your friends’ achievements with a virtual high-five sticker. Whether it’s a job promotion, a new house, or a small victory, these stickers add a fun element to congratulatory messages.

3. Expressing Gratitude

A “Thank You” sticker with a smiling face can convey your appreciation better than words alone. Show your gratitude in a cheerful and heartwarming way.

4. Comfort and Support

During tough times, a “Hug” or “You’ve Got This” sticker can provide much-needed comfort and support. It’s like sending a virtual hug when words can’t express your feelings.

5. Seasonal Greetings

Duncan stickers aren’t limited to New Year’s; they can fit various seasons. Send snowflakes and cozy stickers in winter, or vibrant flowers in spring. It’s a fun way to embrace the changing seasons.

6. Inside Jokes and Humor

Keep the laughter alive with stickers that capture inside jokes or funny moments you’ve shared with friends. It’s an instant mood lifter!

7. Random Acts of Kindness

Surprise your friends with a random sticker to brighten their day. It’s a simple yet delightful way to spread positivity.

Stickers for Every Occasion

Duncan New Year stickers are not just for January 1st; they’re for every day, every emotion, and every occasion. Get creative, mix and match, and keep the sticker fun going all year round. Spread joy, laughter, and love, one sticker at a time! 🎉

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