Duncan Design: Intro + Moving/Animated + Speaks/Talking + Pop-Up

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http://www.line-stickers.com/Duncan Design: Intro + Moving / Animated + Speaks / Talking Line Sticker | It is time for animation sticker! Hope you like and hate it in the same time.
Duncan is here. Time to fill up your chats with his stickers!

You’ll love and hate these stickers at the same time

They still move, they still make noises, they’re still easy to use, and this time they’re bigger! It’s Duncan’s pop-up stickers debut!

Make an impact in your first messages of the new year with these stickers from the world of Duncan. Who knows, you may even be able to use them all year round! Available till February 1, 2017.

Name LINE Sticker:
Duncan Design: Intro line://shop/detail/3567
Duncan is Moving line://shop/detail/4728
Duncan Speaks line://shop/detail/5923 | (THAI) line://shop/detail/6401
Pop-Up Duncan line://shop/detail/7286
Duncan New Year Stickers line://shop/detail/7890

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Status : 100 coins

Publisher : Duncan Design

Copyright : Copyright© Duncan Deisgn

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