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Eyescream’s baby bear makes it debut on LINE! Friend EYESCREAM’s official account to get the set.

Eyescream: Baby Bear Line Sticker PNG

  • Title : Eyescream: Baby Bear
  • Price : Free
  • Type : Static
  • Expiry Date : Available until January 28, 2016
  • Language : Mandarin
  • Link : line://shop/detail/5745
  • Publisher : YICHI International

Eyescream: Baby Bear WhatsApp Sticker GIF
5745 – Eyescream: Baby Bear

Adorable Baby Bear Stickers Arrive on LINE and WhatsApp!

Get ready for a cuteness overload! Eyescream’s irresistibly charming Baby Bear sticker set has just made its debut on LINE, and it’s bound to melt hearts everywhere. These delightful digital stickers aren’t just limited to LINE users – they’re also available for WhatsApp, spreading the love across multiple platforms. If you’re a fan of all things cute and cuddly, you won’t want to miss out on this limited-time offer. Add a touch of sweetness to your chats and express yourself with these adorable bear cubs!

How to Snag Your Baby Bear Sticker Set

Want to get your paws on these adorable stickers? It’s as easy as can be! Simply friend EYESCREAM’s official LINE account to receive the complete set. But don’t hibernate on this opportunity – these stickers are only available until January 28, 2016. That’s right, you’ve got a limited window to bring these cuddly cubs into your digital world. Whether you’re a long-time sticker enthusiast or new to the game, these Baby Bears are sure to become your new favorite way to express yourself in chats.

The Brains Behind the Bears

Ever wonder who’s responsible for bringing these adorable bears to life? The creative minds at YICHI International are the publishers behind this charming sticker set. They’ve partnered with EYESCREAM to bring you these delightful digital creations. As the copyright holder, EYESCREAM has ensured that every detail of these stickers is perfect, from the bears’ expressive faces to their playful poses. It’s a testament to their commitment to quality and creativity in the world of digital expression.

Why Baby Bears Are Your New Chat Buddies

Let’s face it – sometimes words just aren’t enough to express how we’re feeling. That’s where Eyescream’s Baby Bear stickers come in! These little cubs are ready to convey a whole range of emotions and situations, making your chats more vibrant and expressive. Whether you’re feeling playful, sleepy, excited, or anything in between, there’s a Baby Bear sticker that perfectly captures your mood. Plus, their undeniable cuteness is sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face, making your conversations more enjoyable and memorable.

A Closer Look at the Cuddly Cubs

Now, let’s dive into the delightful world of these Baby Bear stickers! The set is a treasure trove of adorable expressions and scenarios, each one more charming than the last. In the first row, we see four distinct stickers that showcase the versatility of these little bears. There’s a cheerful bear waving hello, perfect for greeting friends or starting a conversation on a positive note. Next to it, a sleepy bear yawns widely – ideal for when you’re feeling tired or calling it a night. The third sticker shows a bear with hearts for eyes, expressing love or adoration. Rounding out the first row is a bear looking shocked or surprised, great for reacting to unexpected news or plot twists in your friends’ stories.

Moving to the second row, we find even more expressive bears. There’s one jumping for joy, capturing those moments of pure excitement or celebration. Beside it, a bear holds up a victory sign – perfect for sharing your successes or cheering on your friends. The third sticker in this row shows a bear surrounded by musical notes, ideal for discussing your favorite tunes or inviting friends to a concert. The last bear in this row looks a bit mischievous, with a sly grin that’s perfect for those moments when you’re up to something fun.

The third row continues the charm offensive with a bear blowing a kiss, great for sending love to your friends and family. Next to it, a bear holds up a finger, as if making a point or asking for attention. The third sticker in this row shows a bear with spiral eyes, capturing that dizzy or confused feeling we all get sometimes. The final bear in this row has its paws up in a ‘stop’ gesture, useful for when you need a break or want to express disagreement playfully.

In the last row, we see a bear with a finger to its lips, perfect for sharing secrets or asking for quiet. Next is a bear with a bouquet of flowers, ideal for special occasions or just to brighten someone’s day. The third sticker shows a bear with a thermometer and sweat drops, great for when you’re feeling under the weather. The final sticker features a bear with a graduation cap, perfect for celebrating academic achievements or new beginnings.

What makes these stickers truly special is their ability to convey so much emotion and meaning in such simple, adorable designs. The bears’ expressions are incredibly detailed and nuanced, allowing you to communicate complex feelings with just a single image. Whether you’re expressing joy, sympathy, excitement, or any other emotion, these Baby Bears have got you covered. Their versatility makes them suitable for all kinds of conversations, from casual chats with friends to more formal exchanges.

In conclusion, Eyescream’s Baby Bear sticker set is a delightful addition to any chat enthusiast’s collection. With their wide range of emotions and situations, these stickers offer a fun and engaging way to enhance your digital conversations. The attention to detail in each sticker is impressive, making them not just cute, but also incredibly expressive and useful. Whether you’re a LINE user or prefer WhatsApp, these Baby Bears are ready to add a touch of charm and personality to your chats. Don’t miss out on the chance to make your conversations cuter and more expressive with these adorable digital companions!

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