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http://www.line-stickers.com/Hatsune Miku Line Sticker | Popular the world over. Virtual idol “Hatsune Miku” debuts on LINE! Hip & cute Hatsune Miku stickers illustrated by “putidevil” are now available! And in round two, and this time she brought her friends. Designed by the Vocaloid illustrator, Sanpachi! Enjoy the super cute style of 3rd stickers based on the world of Kuro Usapi, producer of the hit song “senbonsakura.”
Snow Miku is back with her pet rabbit Yukine in a new sticker set to cheer on Hokaido in winter! Illustrated by nekosumi!

Name LINE Sticker:
Hatsune Miku | line://shop/detail/683
Hatsune Miku: All Together | line://shop/detail/1349
Hatsune Miku Senbonsakura | line://shop/detail/3001
Hatsune Miku SNOW MIKU Collection line://shop/detail/3778

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