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http://www.line-stickers.com/Hyakki Night Blog + A month of Ghost + Let’s Have a Chat Line Sticker |A-man, the horror illustrator whoʹs extremely afraid of ghosts is coming! Let the red ghost be with you everyday on LINE!
Oh no! There are ghosts everywhere! Don’t worry though, quickly download Aman’s sticker to keep safe! They’ll protect you during ghost month!

Illustrator Amen and his muscular rabbit creation come to bring a surreal aspect to your chats. Don’t worry though, this set’s grotesqueness will grow on you!

Name (LINE Sticker):
Hyakki Night Blog line://shop/detail/3052
Hyakki Night Blog – A month of Ghost line://shop/detail/4998
Hyakki Night Blog- Let’s Have a Chat line://shop/detail/6199

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