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Half human, half-demon, 100% awesome! Inuyasha, the dramatic story of the trials and tribulations of Inuyasha and friends, is now featured in LINE stickers! Get a total of 40 versatile stickers perfect for all sorts of situations!

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3438 – INUYASHA Sticker

Inuyasha Stickers: Unleash the Half-Demon Magic!

Discover the captivating universe of Inuyasha through these delightful LINE stickers! Dive into a realm where half-human, half-demon warriors battle ancient foes, forge unlikely alliances, and unravel secrets that span centuries. Whether you’re a devoted fan or a curious newcomer, these 40 versatile stickers are your gateway to adventure.

Behind the Scenes with SHOGAKUKAN

The Publisher Behind the Magic
Let’s delve into the origins! SHOGAKUKAN, a renowned Japanese publishing house, brings you the enchanting world of “INUYASHA”. With a legacy spanning decades, SHOGAKUKAN has championed iconic manga and anime series, and “INUYASHA” is no exception. Their commitment to quality storytelling and artistic excellence has made them a powerhouse in the industry.

Copyright Chronicles: Rumiko Takahashi and SHOGAKUKAN
Meet the genius behind the ink and quill! Rumiko Takahashi, the brilliant mangaka, birthed the fantastical saga of Inuyasha. Her imagination weaves intricate plots, endearing characters, and heart-pounding battles. As the creator, Takahashi’s vision resonates through every frame, capturing hearts worldwide. And it’s SHOGAKUKAN that ensures her legacy thrives, safeguarding the rights and nurturing the flames of fandom.

Sticker Showcase – Unleash the Feudal Era Fun!

“Sit, Boy!” – Inuyasha’s Iconic Command
From epic sword fights to hilarious mishaps, these stickers encapsulate the essence of “INUYASHA.” Express your mood with Kagome’s exasperated face, Sesshomaru’s icy glare, or Shippo’s mischievous grin. Need a reaction for every situation? Look no further!

“Tessaiga Unleashed!” – Power-Packed Moments
Feel the surge of Tessaiga’s energy as Inuyasha wields it against demons. These stickers radiate action, determination, and raw power. Perfect for emphasizing your messages or cheering on friends!

“Kawaii Kirara” – The Adorable Fire Cat
Kirara, the fire-breathing feline, steals hearts with her cuteness. Share her playful antics or use her fiery spirit to ignite conversations. Meow-tastic!

“Jewel Shards Quest” – Embark on an Adventure
Collect the mystical shards just like our heroes! These stickers symbolize hope, friendship, and the quest for the Shikon Jewel. Let your chats sparkle with their magic.

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