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The adorable and coy “Let’s Add Bears to Conversations” Kumako characters have teamed up with LINE NEWS to bring you limited-time collaboration stickers! Let’s liven up our chats with these cute LINE stickers that you can use every day ♪ Follow three or more eligible accounts to get the new stickers for free!

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  • Title : Kaiwani Kumawo Soemashou × LINE NEWS
  • Price : Free
  • Type : Static
  • Expiry Date : Available until March 20, 2024
  • Language : Japanese
  • Link : line://shop/detail/30105
  • Publisher : LINE NEWS
  • Copyright : saimari

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30105 – Kaiwani Kumawo Soemashou × LINE NEWS Sticker

Let’s Add Some Bear Magic to Your Chats!

Are you ready to sprinkle a little bear charm into your daily conversations? Well, hold onto your virtual hats because the adorable and coy “Let’s Add Bears to Conversations” Kumako characters have teamed up with LINE NEWS to bring you a delightful surprise: limited-time collaboration stickers!

These stickers are like little bursts of joy that can instantly transform your chats from mundane to magical. Whether you’re chatting with your bestie, your crush, or your grandma (yes, even grandma deserves some bear cuteness), these LINE stickers will add that extra oomph to your messages. Let’s dive into the bear-tastic details:

1. Getting to Know “Kaiwani Kumawo Soemashou × LINE NEWS”

Imagine a world where bears are your chat comnions. Well, you don’t have to imagine anymore! Meet Kaiwani Kumawo Soemashou, the bear with a heart of gold. Kaiwani is all about spreading positivity, one paw at a time. Whether you’re sharing news updates, gossip, or just a random “How’s your day?” message, Kaiwani’s got your back. And now, with this special collaboration sticker, you can channel Kaiwani’s bear-tastic energy in every chat.

2. The Powerhouses Behind the Sticker Magic

Let’s shine a spotlight on the creative minds behind this sticker wonderland:

  • LINE NEWS (The Publisher): LINE NEWS is your go-to source for all things news, entertainment, and lifestyle. They’re the wizards who waved their digital wands and brought Kaiwani Kumawo Soemashou to life. Kudos to them for making our chats infinitely cuter!
  • Saimari (The Copyright Holder): Saimari holds the keys to the bear kingdom. They’re the ones who whispered secrets to Kaiwani, inspiring those heartwarming expressions and fuzzy antics. Without Saimari, we’d be stuck with boring old human emojis. Let’s give them a virtual bear hug!

3. Why You Need These Stickers in Your Life

Okay, let’s get real. Why should you care about these stickers? Well, my friend, because they’re like happiness capsules wrapped in bear fur. Here’s why:

  • Instant Mood Lift: Feeling meh? Slap a Kaiwani sticker on your chat, and suddenly, the sun shines a little brighter. It’s science (probably).
  • Conversation Icebreaker: Want to break the ice with that cute neighbor? Send a Kaiwani sticker with a friendly “Hey there!” Trust me, bears are excellent wingmen.
  • Free Sticker Alert: Follow three or more eligible accounts (don’t worry, it’s not rocket science) to unlock these stickers for free! Yes, FREE. It’s like finding a pot of honey at the end of a rainbow.

So, my fellow chat enthusiasts, let’s embrace the bear magic. Grab those stickers, sprinkle them liberally, and watch your chats transform into a bear-tastic wonderland.

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