Kamonohashikamo + Animated + Popping Up

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https://www.line-stickers.com/Kamonohashikamo + Animated Line Sticker | The words “ambiguous”, “vague”, and “easy-going” come to mind when describing Kamonohashikamo. Just get them… Why not?! Kamonohashikamo with his friends and even more lovely expressions! Waddle you do if you don’t get Kamonohashikamo stickers?
Kamonohashikamo is finally here in a set of animated stickers! Dancinʹ, cryinʹ, fartinʹ, he does what he wants! Him and all his friends will fill your chats with laughs!

Kamonohashikamo is coming in with his own set of pop-up stickers! You won’t be able to get enough of this little guy filling up your screen. Let him and his friends make your chats quacktastic!

Name (LINE Sticker):
Kamonohashikamo line://shop/detail/744
Kamonohashikamo’s Lovely Friends line://shop/detail/2138
Kamonohashikamo on the Move line://shop/detail/3984
Kamonohashikamo’s Popping Up line://shop/detail/7318 (ENG) | line://shop/detail/7290 (JP)

Paid/Free: Paid

Status: 100 coins

Publisher: Imagineer Co.,Ltd. / San-X Co., Ltd.

Copyright: © 2013 – 2014 San-X Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.


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