Keiko Sootome’s Greetings + Animated

Posted on Sootome’s Greetings Line Sticker | Popular illustrator Keiko Sootome’s stickers are now on LINE! Have a go at expressing yourself with these retro style stickers! And in 2nd series, retro-styled illustrations pack even more emotive punch than before!

Keiko’s greeting stickers got moving! Add a retro look to your chats with her enervated actions. They’re easy to use and good for a laugh!

Name (LINE Sticker):
Keiko Sootome’s Greetings line://shop/detail/752
Keiko Sootome’s New Greetings line://shop/detail/1477
Keiko Sootome’s Somewhat Moving Stickers line://shop/detail/6049

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Status: 100 coins

Publisher: EGG PARADISE Co.,Ltd.

Copyright: Copyright © Keiko SOOTOME