KOBITOS: Kobitos Strike Back

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These adorable yet grotesque dwarf-like creatures are back with a new round of animated stickers! This set even has a new Kobito with a giant udder on his head. Who can say no to that?

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    Welcome to the Whimsical World of KOBITOS: Kobitos Strike Back WhatsApp Sticker

    Embark on a delightful journey with the latest installment of KOBITOS stickers. This animated series introduces a quirky new member to the Kobito family, complete with a comically oversized udder atop his head. These charming yet bizarre characters are sure to capture hearts and provoke laughter with their unique antics.

    Unveiling the Creative Minds Behind KOBITOS: Kobitos Strike Back LINE Sticker

    Publisher: Sony Digital Entertainment

    Dive into the creative realm where Sony Digital Entertainment, the esteemed publisher, brings to life the enchanting world of KOBITOS. Renowned for their innovation in digital entertainment, Sony ensures that each sticker is a masterpiece of animation and humor.

    Copyright: 2015 Toshitaka Nabata

    The whimsical creatures of KOBITOS are the brainchild of Toshitaka Nabata, whose artistic vision from 2015 continues to resonate. His copyright ensures that the endearing oddities of the Kobitos universe remain protected and cherished.

    Discover the Enchantment: KOBITOS Stickers

    Each sticker in the “Kobitos Strike Back” collection is a portal to a fantastical microcosm. The animated expressions and lively movements of these dwarf-like entities offer a glimpse into their enchanting, if slightly grotesque, world.

    Meet the Newest Kobito: A Curious Addition

    The spotlight shines on the latest Kobito, a character that defies convention with a giant udder for a head. This peculiar trait adds a new layer of charm and absurdity, inviting users to revel in the playful spirit of the Kobitos saga.

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