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LINE Party is a new service that offers unique event experiences, including offline events! Friend Town Hall’s official account to get these stickers.

LINE Party Line Sticker PNG

  • Title : LINE Party
  • Price : free
  • Type : Static
  • Expiry Date : Available until February 8, 2017
  • Language : Mandarin
  • Link : line://shop/detail/7971
  • Publisher : LY Corporation
  • Copyright : LINE Corporation

LINE Party WhatsApp Sticker GIF
7971 – LINE Party
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Introducing the Energetic LINE Party Stickers

Get ready to liven up your chats with the vibrant new LINE Party sticker set! These playful animated stickers feature a cast of cheerful characters perfect for adding some fun to your LINE and WhatsApp conversations. Whether you’re planning a get-together or just want to inject some excitement into your messaging, these stickers have you covered with their upbeat expressions and party-themed designs.

The LINE Party stickers showcase eight unique characters with distinct personalities. There’s the enthusiastic party host, the cool DJ, the bubbly social butterfly, and more – each one bringing their own flair to the celebration. With speech bubbles declaring things like “Let’s party!” and “Go for it!”, these stickers capture the energy and spirit of a great social gathering. The vibrant color palette and lively animations make the emotions really pop off the screen.

But these aren’t just any party stickers – they tie into LINE’s new offline event experiences through the LINE Party service. By using these stickers, you’re getting a taste of the real-world fun that awaits. It’s a clever way for LINE to bridge the digital and physical, letting users express their party spirit online while building excitement for actual meetups and events.

The Creative Minds Behind LINE Party

The LINE Party sticker set comes to us from the innovative team at LY Corporation. As a subsidiary of LINE Corporation, LY Corp specializes in developing engaging digital content and services that enhance the LINE messaging experience. Their designers and artists are known for creating sticker characters with charm and personality that resonate with LINE’s massive global user base.

While LY Corporation handled the creative development, LINE Corporation retains the copyright as the parent company and platform owner. LINE Corp has built its messaging app into a cultural phenomenon, particularly in Asia, by offering a rich ecosystem of features beyond basic chat. Their sticker marketplace has been key to this success, allowing users to express themselves in fun, visual ways. By continuing to release fresh sticker designs tied to new services like LINE Party, they keep users engaged and excited to communicate through their platform.

How to Get Your Hands on These Party Starters

Ready to add some pep to your chats? Getting the LINE Party stickers is a breeze. Simply head to the LINE sticker shop and search for “LINE Party” to find this animated set. As a special promotion, you can snag these stickers for free by adding the Friend Town Hall official account. But don’t wait too long – this offer is only available until February 8, 2017!

Once downloaded, you’ll be able to use these stickers in both LINE and WhatsApp. They’re perfect for hyping up your next outing, congratulating friends on their achievements, or just bringing a smile to someone’s day. With their universal party theme, these stickers work for all sorts of celebratory moments.

A Closer Look at the LINE Party Cast

The Excited Host

Leading the pack is our enthusiastic party host, sporting a sleek black bob and a winning smile. Her speech bubble exclaims “Let’s party!”, capturing the essence of what these stickers are all about. This character’s energy is infectious, making her perfect for kicking off plans or building excitement in your chat groups.

The Pumped-Up Partier

Next, we have a fired-up partygoer with spiky hair and glasses. His intense expression and “GO!” speech bubble bring an edge of competitive spirit to the festivities. Use this sticker when you want to motivate friends or celebrate a big win.

The Cheerful Greeter

A friendly face with long dark hair offers a warm “Hi!” in her speech bubble. Her pleasant expression makes this sticker ideal for sending welcoming vibes or starting a conversation on a positive note.

The Helpful Organizer

Rounding out the top row is a character with glasses and longer hair, declaring “TICKET!” in her bubble. She seems to be the practical planner of the group, perfect for coordinating event details or reminding friends about important info.

The Cool Trendsetter

Opening the second row is a stylish character with a high ponytail and glasses. Her “All-night party!” bubble suggests she’s ready to keep the fun going till dawn. Use this sticker when you’re in for the long haul or want to project a hip, carefree vibe.

The Deal-Finder

Next up is a cheerful face announcing a “25% OFF” deal. This savvy character is great for sharing discounts, bargains, or any money-saving news with your chat buddies.

The Celebratory Friend

A beaming character raises a glass with a “Cheers!” bubble, embodying the spirit of toasting and celebration. This sticker is your go-to for congratulations, marking milestones, or virtual clinking of glasses.

The Affectionate Pal

Closing out the set is a sweet character with short hair, surrounded by heart symbols. Her “BFFL” (Best Friends For Life) bubble makes this sticker perfect for expressing affection, appreciation, or deep friendship.

From pumping up the crowd to sharing deals and spreading love, the LINE Party sticker set covers a wide range of party-positive emotions. These expressive characters add a personal touch to your digital conversations, making every chat feel like a celebration. Whether you’re planning real-world meetups or just want to keep the party going online, these stickers are sure to become fast favorites in your digital toolkit.

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