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LINE PokoPoko and The Rose of Versailles are teaming up! For a limited time only, clear stage 7 in PokoPoko to get these exclusive stickers!

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  • Title : LINE PokoPoko & The Rose of Versailles
  • Price : Free
  • Type : Static
  • Expiry Date : Available until December 5, 2016
  • Language : Japanese
  • Link : line://shop/detail/7338
  • Publisher : LINE
  • Copyright : LINE Corporation

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7338 – LINE PokoPoko & The Rose of Versailles

Discover the Charming LINE PokoPoko & The Rose of Versailles Sticker Collaboration

Hey there, sticker lovers and anime fans! Get ready for a delightful mashup that’ll have you saying “Oui oui!” to your chats. LINE has done it again with an irresistible collaboration between the adorable puzzle game LINE PokoPoko and the classic shoujo manga The Rose of Versailles. Let’s dive into this royally cute sticker set that’s sure to add some sparkle to your conversations!

A Closer Look at the Sticker Set

This sticker pack is a feast for the eyes, featuring eight expressive stickers that blend the whimsical world of PokoPoko with the elegance of 18th century France. Let’s break down each sticker and see what makes them so special:

1. “Mais oui!” (But of course!)

The first sticker shows a blonde character, likely Oscar from The Rose of Versailles, with a cheeky grin and a speech bubble exclaiming “まかせて!” (Makasete! – Leave it to me!). It’s perfect for those moments when you want to reassure your friends that you’ve got everything under control.

2. Surprise Gift

Next up, we see Oscar in her iconic red military uniform, presenting a gift box with a starry-eyed expression. This sticker screams excitement and is ideal for birthdays or any gift-giving occasion.

3. Teary-Eyed Close-Up

The third sticker zooms in on those big, beautiful anime eyes, glistening with tears and accompanied by the text “なぜ…” (Naze… – Why…). Use this one when you’re feeling dramatic or want to express disbelief.

4. “Tadaa!”

Our fourth sticker features Oscar striking a pose, arms outstretched with a “じゃじゃーん” (Jajan – Ta-da!) speech bubble. It’s the perfect way to make a grand entrance or announcement in your chats.

5. Romantic Duo

In the second row, we start with a sweet moment between Oscar and André, their faces close together in a classic shoujo manga style. This one’s for all the romantics out there!

6. Dashing Away

Next, we see a character (possibly André) dashing off in a hurry. This dynamic sticker is great for when you need to make a quick exit or express urgency.

7. Marie Antoinette’s Charm

The seventh sticker introduces Marie Antoinette, looking adorable with her elaborate hairstyle and the text “素敵” (Suteki – Wonderful/Lovely). Use this to show appreciation or admiration.

8. Winking Wonder

Last but not least, we have a winking close-up of a character (possibly Marie Antoinette) with “いいわ!” (Iiwa! – That’s good!). It’s perfect for those moments of approval or agreement.

The Magic Behind the Collaboration

This sticker set is more than just cute pictures—it’s a brilliant marketing move by LINE Corporation. By combining the addictive gameplay of LINE PokoPoko with the beloved characters from The Rose of Versailles, they’ve created a must-have for fans of both franchises. The limited-time offer to unlock these stickers by clearing stage 7 in PokoPoko is a clever way to boost engagement and breathe new life into the game.

LINE: The Sticker Revolution

Let’s talk about the mastermind behind this collaboration: LINE Corporation. This Japanese multinational company has been revolutionizing the way we communicate since 2011. Their messaging app, LINE, took the world by storm, especially in East Asian countries, with its unique selling point: stickers!

LINE realized early on that emojis alone weren’t enough to express the full range of human emotions. Enter LINE stickers—larger, more expressive, and often animated images that convey complex feelings and situations with a single tap. These stickers have become a cultural phenomenon, with thousands of sets available featuring everything from original characters to popular franchises.

The Power of Exclusive Content

LINE Corporation doesn’t just stop at creating great stickers; they’ve mastered the art of exclusivity. By offering limited-time stickers like this PokoPoko & The Rose of Versailles set, they create a sense of urgency and FOMO (fear of missing out) among users. This strategy not only drives engagement with their games and apps but also keeps users coming back to check for new, exciting content.

Expanding Beyond LINE: WhatsApp Compatibility

While these stickers are primarily designed for LINE, the fact that they’re also compatible with WhatsApp is a smart move. This cross-platform availability extends the reach of both the PokoPoko game and The Rose of Versailles franchise, potentially attracting new fans from different messaging ecosystems.

A Sticker Set Fit for Royalty

The LINE PokoPoko & The Rose of Versailles sticker collaboration is a delightful blend of cute and classic, offering something for everyone. Whether you’re a long-time fan of the manga or just looking to add some French flair to your chats, these stickers are sure to impress. Remember, they’re only available until December 5, 2016, so don’t miss your chance to add a touch of Versailles to your digital conversations!

From the expressive close-ups to the dynamic action shots, each sticker in this set tells a story and adds depth to your messaging. It’s collaborations like these that showcase LINE’s understanding of what makes communication fun and engaging in the digital age. So why not challenge yourself to clear that stage 7 in PokoPoko and unlock these regal rewards? Your chats will thank you, and who knows—you might just find yourself saying “Let them eat cake!” with a cute Marie Antoinette sticker!

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