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Posted on + Animated Line Sticker | Friend TV Tokyo’s official account to get these stickers. TV Tokyoʹs official character Nanana is back and more slippery than ever in a collaborative sticker set with the TV shows Little Tokyo Live and Tokyo Live at 10!
The 3rd set featuring TV Tokyoʹs Nanana character is now here! A special promotion featuring these stickers will be held on the show, so donʹt miss out! Friend the World Championships Snowboard & Freestyle Ski 2015 official account to get the set!
TV Tokyoʹs official mascot Nanana is back with a new round of stickers! This fruity character is up to his old tricks, only this time theyʹre animated! Friend TV Tokyoʹs official account to get this set for free. Available till April 27, 2015.

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nanana line://shop/detail/2072 | line://shop/detail/3213 | line://shop/detail/3699
nanana (animated) line://shop/detail/4149

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