Sticker List: GIF & PNG Pack — LINE WhatsApp Innovation Line Sticker | Join Nissan Innovation & get these 16 cool stickers absolutely free! Perfect for sharing everyday journeys in a sleek & stylish way. Available till 5/4/2013 (more…) The Rapper Line Sticker | Super cool Parappa The Rapper is now on LINE! Artist Rodney has come up with fresh designs, giving Parappa and Master Onion some excellent expressions. (more…) Baki Line Sticker | The most powerful sticker set for the strongest of men! Have you got what it takes?! (more…) + Savanna Takahashi Line Sticker | You must have seen Savanna Takahashi’s “Stoppa Anti-Diarrheal” commercials. Well now he is here on LINE to support you all the way! Available till: 1/4/2013 (more…) Line Sticker | New stickers of Manabear, the official character of Kawaijuku Manavis! Hey high schoolers! Study at your own pace and enjoy your chats with Manabear stickers. Friend Kawaijuku Manavis’ official account to get this set for free! Available till March 20, 2016.

(more…) no Watanabe Line Sticker | LINE’s sticker design team has finally released its new Watanabe stickers! This stellar set was designed by Roshiri, a sticker creator especially chosen for this project! Get this set, and you might just become a 100-million-yen sticker creator too! Available till February 22, 2016.

(more…) Hi Hi Birdie! Line Sticker | The good folks at Orient Corporation are here with a brand-new fowl mascot: Oricotori! This bird-flower hybrid will make your chats bloom and help you follow your dreams! The little guy even has a short film on Oriental Corporation’s home page! Flower power! Available till February 22, 2016