Pasutri Gaje: Special Lebaran

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Adimas and Adelia are ready to invite you to celebrate Lebaran! Download this sticker set from LINE’s popular Webtoon comic Pasutri Gaje to liven up your Lebaran chats.

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11497 – Pasutri Gaje: Special Lebaran

Introducing “Pasutri Gaje: Special Lebaran” Stickers

As the festive season of Lebaran approaches, Adimas and Adelia, the beloved characters from the hit Webtoon comic “Pasutri Gaje,” are here to add a dash of animation and humor to your conversations. This exclusive sticker set, titled “Pasutri Gaje: Special Lebaran,” is designed to capture the essence of Lebaran’s joy and celebration. Each sticker is a vibrant portrayal of the characters’ daily life and festive preparations, perfect for sharing the Lebaran spirit with friends and family on LINE & WhatsApp.

Publisher and Copyright Details of Pasutri Gaje: Special Lebaran LINE Sticker

Pasutri Gaje as Publisher

“Pasutri Gaje,” the comic series that has captured the hearts of millions, is the proud publisher of this animated sticker set. The series’ creators have meticulously crafted each sticker, ensuring that the humor and charm of Adimas and Adelia are encapsulated perfectly for fans to enjoy.

Pasutri Gaje as Copyright

The intellectual property rights of “Pasutri Gaje” are held with utmost respect. As the copyright owner, the creators have authorized the use of Adimas and Adelia’s likenesses for these stickers, allowing fans to share a piece of their favorite comic in their personal chats.

Why You’ll Love Pasutri Gaje: Special Lebaran WhatsApp Sticker

Embrace the festive mood with “Pasutri Gaje: Special Lebaran” stickers! These animated gems are more than just digital decorations; they’re a way to convey emotions, reactions, and festive greetings uniquely. With their expressive animations, they promise to bring laughter and a sense of closeness to every message you send. Don’t miss out on the chance to make your Lebaran chats more lively and memorable with Adimas and Adelia by your side.

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