POP TEAM EPIC Voice Stickers 5

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Popuko and Pipimi are here make sure your chats are popping with their fifth Pop Team Epic sticker set!

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POP TEAM EPIC Voice Stickers 5 Line Sticker GIF & PNG Pack: Animated & Transparent No Background | WhatsApp Sticker
POP TEAM EPIC Voice Stickers 5 – LINE Stickers

If you’re a fan of the anime series Pop Team Epic, you know that it’s all about the humor, the absurdity, and the over-the-top antics of its two main characters, Popuko and Pipimi. And now, with the release of the POP TEAM EPIC Voice Stickers 5, you can bring some of that humor and absurdity into your everyday life!

These stickers feature the voices of Popuko and Pipimi, saying all your favorite catchphrases and hilarious one-liners. From “Pipi desu yo!” to “Gyaru Popuko da ze!”, these stickers have it all. And with their bright, colorful designs, they’re sure to add some personality to your phone chats.

But the real fun comes from using these stickers in unexpected ways. Imagine sending a sticker of Popuko shouting “I’m gonna win!” to your friend before a big game, or sending a sticker of Pipimi saying “I’ll be back!” to your coworker when you’re heading out for a break. With these stickers, the possibilities for humor and silliness are endless.

So whether you’re a die-hard Pop Team Epic fan or just looking for a fun way to add some humor to your conversations, be sure to check out the POP TEAM EPIC Voice Stickers 5. With their playful designs and hilarious voices, they’re sure to become a favorite among anime lovers everywhere.

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