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1st Edition: Rising superstar PSY has finally made it to LINE stickers! Warning: He’s seriously cool! Feel the worldwide fever of GANGNAM STYLE through LINE!
2nd Edition: Global Star PSY 2nd SPECIAL EDITION. Find out about PSY’s special daily life that’s even wilder than before! See it only on LINE!
3rd Edition: PSY’s a sight for sore eyes, and he’s come back to LINE again! Check out his fantastic new sticker set now!

PSY GANGNAM STYLE Line Sticker PNG-611PSY 2nd Special Edition Line Sticker PNG-986PSY 3rd Special Edition Line Sticker PNG-1416
1st Edition2nd Edition3rd Edition
1st Edition2nd Edition3rd Edition

  • Title : PSY 3rd Special Edition
  • Price : Paid / 100 Coins
  • Type : Static
  • Expiry Date : No Expiration Date
  • Language : English
  • Link : line://shop/detail/1416
  • Publisher : YG ENTERTAINMENT
  • Copyright : YG ENTERTAINMENT
PSY GANGNAM STYLE WhatsApp Sticker GIF-611

Introducing the Unstoppable Force of “PSY -GANGNAM STYLE- SPECIAL EDITION” Stickers!

Brace yourselves for an electrifying ride as the global phenomenon, PSY, takes over the digital world with his iconic “GANGNAM STYLE” stickers! Get ready to experience the infectious energy and unparalleled charisma that captivated millions worldwide, now available at your fingertips on LINE and WhatsApp.

PSY 2nd Special Edition WhatsApp Sticker GIF-986
986 – PSY 2nd Special Edition

A Glimpse into the Eccentric World of PSY

Get ready to embark on a whimsical journey through the mind of the legendary K-pop icon, PSY. The “PSY SPECIAL EDITION” sticker collection for LINE and WhatsApp offers a delightful peek into the artist’s quirky and unconventional daily life, promising to bring an extra dose of fun and laughter to your digital conversations.

PSY 3rd Special Edition WhatsApp Sticker GIF-1416
1416 – PSY 3rd Special Edition

The Powerhouse Behind the Stickers

YG Entertainment: The Creative Force Behind the Stickers

These captivating stickers are the brainchild of YG Entertainment, the renowned South Korean entertainment powerhouse responsible for launching PSY’s global stardom. As the publisher and copyright holder, YG Entertainment has masterfully captured the essence of PSY’s eccentric persona, ensuring that each sticker radiates with his infectious energy and humor.

An Explosion of Expressive Artistry

Prepare to be delighted by the vibrant and imaginative illustrations that adorn these stickers. Each one is a miniature masterpiece, meticulously crafted to convey a range of emotions, situations, and quirky expressions that only PSY could pull off. From his iconic dance moves to his signature style, these stickers are a true celebration of the artist’s inimitable spirit.

A Glimpse into the “PSY -GANGNAM STYLE- SPECIAL EDITION” Sticker Universe

Unleashing the Gangnam Spirit

Prepare to be swept off your feet as PSY’s larger-than-life persona takes center stage in this sticker collection. From his signature dance moves to his infectious energy, each sticker captures the essence of the global sensation that took the world by storm. Get ready to infuse your conversations with an unparalleled dose of Gangnam flair!

A Kaleidoscope of Expressions

Whether you’re celebrating a victory, expressing your mood, or simply adding a touch of quirkiness to your chats, this sticker collection has got you covered. Dive into a kaleidoscope of expressions, each one more captivating than the last, perfectly encapsulating the irresistible charm and humor that made PSY a household name.

Description of PSY GANGNAM STYLE

Row 1:
PSY dancing with hands on hips, looking to the side.
PSY with one arm outstretched, mimicking his signature dance move.
PSY in mid-dance with his hand raised.
PSY with hands on hips, looking pleased.

Row 2:
PSY with sunglasses, stars around his head, looking cool.
PSY in a classic Gangnam Style pose with sunglasses.
PSY doing the horse-riding dance, holding reins.
PSY walking in the rain with a hooded jacket.

Row 3:
PSY shouting with intense emotion.
PSY with a serious face, glasses on.
PSY holding a rose, looking suave.
PSY behind bars, looking distressed.

Row 4:
PSY relaxing in a pool with sunglasses, saying “Come on.”
PSY whispering to another character who looks surprised.
PSY running while holding papers, looking busy.
PSY with a phone to his ear, looking professional.

Row 5:
PSY sleeping on a desk, looking tired.
PSY working at a desk with glasses, looking focused.
PSY eating with chopsticks, enjoying his meal.
PSY sitting on a throne, looking royal.

Row 6:
PSY surrounded by people, enjoying attention.
PSY getting splashed with water, looking surprised.
PSY looking shocked with his hand to his face.
PSY making a heart symbol with his fingers.

Row 7:
PSY with a large red heart, looking happy.
PSY looking angry with a vein popping on his forehead.
PSY confused with a question mark over his head.
PSY dancing with a serious expression.

Row 8:
PSY looking confident with sparkles around him.
PSY on a space mission, floating in a spacesuit.
PSY shouting into a microphone with intensity.
PSY wearing sunglasses with a cool demeanor.

Row 9:
PSY with a confused expression, rubbing his chin.
PSY crying with tears streaming down his face.
PSY making an “OK” hand gesture.
PSY making a “NO” hand gesture.

Row 10:
PSY surrounded by hearts and women, looking charming.
PSY with a fierce expression, looking determined.
PSY with a dramatic pose, showing muscles.
PSY engulfed in flames, looking intense.
These stickers capture PSY’s signature style, dance moves, and expressions, reflecting the energy and fun of the “Gangnam Style” phenomenon.

Description of PSY 2nd Special Edition

First Row:
Sticker 1: PSY blowing on his fingers, looking cool with sunglasses on.
Sticker 2: PSY adjusting his sunglasses.
Sticker 3: PSY raising his hands in a celebratory manner.
Sticker 4: PSY turning and walking away confidently.

Second Row:
Sticker 5: PSY, with an angry expression, holding a fist up with smoke coming from his ears.
Sticker 6: PSY punching a man (possibly a bodyguard) in the face.
Sticker 7: PSY looking tired, sweating, and resting his hands on his knees.
Sticker 8: PSY with a determined expression, clenched fists, and a puff of smoke.

Third Row:
Sticker 9: PSY crying with a tissue in his hand.
Sticker 10: PSY falling backwards, his legs up in the air.
Sticker 11: PSY dancing energetically with music notes around him.
Sticker 12: PSY in a phone booth, making a call.

Fourth Row:
Sticker 13: PSY looking surprised with wide eyes and his mouth open.
Sticker 14: PSY laying flat on the ground, seemingly defeated.
Sticker 15: PSY doing a thumbs up with a smile.
Sticker 16: PSY bowing politely with a slight smile.

Fifth Row:
Sticker 17: PSY carrying a tray of drinks and tripping.
Sticker 18: PSY getting angry and yelling at someone.
Sticker 19: PSY looking confused with a questioning expression.
Sticker 20: PSY sitting down to eat, with a fork and knife in hand.

Sixth Row:
Sticker 21: PSY sitting at a table, looking sad.
Sticker 22: PSY sliding on the ground, looking exhausted.
Sticker 23: PSY dancing joyfully with sparkles around him.
Sticker 24: PSY standing with his arms crossed and looking serious.

Seventh Row:
Sticker 25: PSY looking very cool with sunglasses and a confident smile.
Sticker 26: PSY doing a “no” gesture with both hands and a stern expression.
Sticker 27: PSY yelling loudly with a microphone in hand.
Sticker 28: PSY with a puzzled expression, scratching his head.

Eighth Row:
Sticker 29: PSY doing a thumbs up with a happy expression.
Sticker 30: PSY punching someone with a determined expression.
Sticker 31: PSY looking scared and sweaty.
Sticker 32: PSY sitting in a train with “GENTLE” and “SEXY” labels above the seats.

Ninth Row:
Sticker 33: PSY holding flowers, blushing, and looking shy.
Sticker 34: PSY with hearts around him, looking in love.
Sticker 35: PSY with a heart-shaped face, looking content.
Sticker 36: PSY holding a sign that says “MOTHER FATHER”.

Tenth Row:
Sticker 37: PSY looking sad with a cloud over his head.
Sticker 38: PSY dancing with a happy expression.
Sticker 39: PSY looking tired and sweaty with a towel over his shoulder.
Sticker 40: PSY’s logo with “I’M GENTLE” text.

Each sticker depicts different aspects of PSY’s character and daily life, showcasing his humor, energy, and emotions.

Description of PSY 3rd Special Edition

Row 1
Sticker 1: PSY saluting, with a speech bubble saying “One night only.”
Sticker 2: PSY standing in a martial arts stance, saying “R U Ready?”
Sticker 3: PSY pumping his fist, saying “Let’s Go!” with “GO GO GO” next to him.
Sticker 4: PSY dancing energetically.

Row 2
Sticker 5: PSY sending a kiss with a heart.
Sticker 6: PSY sleeping with a “Busy today” sign next to him.
Sticker 7: PSY playing a saxophone with musical notes around.
Sticker 8: PSY wearing sunglasses, surprised, with a “WOW!” sign.

Row 3
Sticker 9: PSY with hearts around him and “LOVE” in the air.
Sticker 10: PSY in a kung fu pose with a flying kick.
Sticker 11: PSY greeting with “Good Morning” in a blue cloud.
Sticker 12: PSY asking “What’s up?” while sitting casually.

Row 4
Sticker 13: PSY looking worried or stressed.
Sticker 14: PSY happily holding stacks of money.
Sticker 15: PSY dressed as a ship captain saying “OK!”
Sticker 16: PSY dressed as Napoleon Bonaparte.

Row 5
Sticker 17: PSY sweating and looking anxious.
Sticker 18: PSY with a thermometer and an ice pack on his head.
Sticker 19: PSY blowing his nose with a tissue.
Sticker 20: PSY transforming into a red devil-like figure.

Row 6
Sticker 21: PSY drinking from a green bottle.
Sticker 22: PSY laying poker cards on a table.
Sticker 23: PSY bowing and saying “Sorry…”
Sticker 24: PSY with a green snot bubble.

Row 7
Sticker 25: PSY looking determined, clenching his fists.
Sticker 26: PSY screaming with blue flames around him.
Sticker 27: PSY blushing with hearts on his cheeks.
Sticker 28: PSY blowing a kiss.

Row 8
Sticker 29: PSY clapping his hands and laughing.
Sticker 30: PSY screaming in a tantrum.
Sticker 31: PSY with stars around his head looking dizzy.
Sticker 32: PSY making a ‘peace’ sign and saying “good!!”

Row 9
Sticker 33: PSY in sunglasses with his arms crossed.
Sticker 34: PSY looking serious and thoughtful with his hand on his chin.
Sticker 35: PSY exhausted, lying on the floor.
Sticker 36: PSY sleeping on a couch with Z’s indicating sleep.

Row 10
Sticker 37: PSY pointing a finger upwards in a teaching or warning manner.
Sticker 38: PSY wrapped in a red blanket with a happy face.
Sticker 39: PSY clapping with a big smile.
Sticker 40: PSY with his back turned, waving and saying “Coming back soon.”

These stickers showcase PSY’s humorous and energetic personality, reflecting various emotions and actions in a fun, animated style.

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