PSY Gangnam Style

Posted on Gangnam Style Line Sticker | Rising superstar, PSY has finally made it to LINE stickers! Warning: He’s seriously cool! Feel the worldwide fever of GANGNAM STYLE through LINE! Global Star PSY 2nd SPECIAL EDITION? Find out about PSY’s special daily life that’s even wilder than before! PSY’s a sight for sore eyes, and he’s come back to LINE again! Check out his fantastic new sticker set now!

Name (LINE Sticker) :
PSY Gangnam Style (Paid) line://shop/detail/611
PSY 2nd Special Edition (Paid) line://shop/detail/986
PSY 3rd Special Edition (Paid) line://shop/detail/1416
PSY Hangover Special (Free) line://shop/detail/2579


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  • suzy zoo (12)