SONG SONG MEOW by SECOND + Animated + Speaks + Pop-Up Stickers

Posted on SONG MEOW by SECOND + Move on! Line Sticker | Song Song Meow appears from under the quilt to play with his smartphone, but donʹt be fooled. Song Song Meow is more concerned about his relationship with PEOPLE.
SONG SONG MEOW by SECOND is here! These happy, warm, and fighting stickers are all moving!

Song Song Meow speaks! With original lines from The Twins Chelsea & Jesper! Their voices are so cute and soothing. Hear for yourself!

Even when celebrating the New Year, this cat’s smartphone isn’t far away. Don’t worry though, he’s still giving his all to make sure 2017 starts off right!

Pop-up stickers featuring that curious cat Song Song Meow have arrived! Don’t delay―download them right away!

Name LINE Sticker:
SONG SONG MEOW by SECOND line://shop/detail/3966
SONG SONG MEOW Move on! line://shop/detail/5475
SONG SONG MEOW Speaks! line://shop/detail/7192
SONG SONG MEOW New Year Stickers line://shop/detail/7889
SONG SONG MEOW’s Pop-Up Stickers line://shop/detail/7989

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