Super Radical Gag Family + Animated + Pop-Ups

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Hey everyone! Japan’s craziest family has come to play on LINE! See Kotetsu, Daitetsu, and many others! You’ll make your friends laugh with this set for sure! Round 2 of Japan’s craziest elementary school student Gag and the Super Radical Gag Family. Just how many crazy facial expressions can one family have?! Limited-edition stickers featuring the Super Radical Gag Family joking around in Taiwanese. Their ridiculous expressions are a laugh a minute!
The funniest family in Japan is back with a new set of animated stickers! The Urayasuʹs are all here in this hilariously dynamic set. Send them to your friends and watch them squeal with delight!

They’re here! All-new pop-up stickers from Japan’s most famous elementary school dunce and his stupendously silly family! Kotetsu and clan will dumbfound you in all the best ways—and this time in full screen! Start sending them today with your friends for loads of laughs at any time of day!

Name (LINE Sticker):
Super Radical Gag Family (100 coins) line://shop/detail/956
Super Radical Gag Family 2 (100 coins) line://shop/detail/1443
Super Radical Gag Family 3 (100 coins) line://shop/detail/2713
Super Radical Gag Family in Taiwanese (50 coins) line://shop/detail/2136
Super Radical Gag Family: Animated line://shop/detail/4146
Super Radical Gag Family: Pop-Ups line://shop/detail/7589

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Publisher : Kenji Hamaoka (Akitashoten)

Copyright : © Kenji Hamaoka (Akitashoten) 1993