Check out these adorably comfy stickers featuring Baymax from the popular Disney movie Big Hero 6. Send these to your friends to lift their spirits to the skies!

Save the day in all your chats with this customizable message sticker set starring Baymax from Big Hero 6. These adorable stickers are perfect for giving your messages a warm and personalized touch!

Disney’s "Big Hero 6" is back with a new set of animated stickers! Relive your favorite moments from the movie with these awesome animated illustrations!

The world of Big Hero 6 gets even bigger with its first pop-up set! Watch as Baymax puffs up to fill up your screens in this adorable set of crayon-style stickers. Use them to give your chats a fun rating of ten!

Baymax is fluffier than ever. This Big Hero 6 sticker set will lend a soothing touch of fluff to any chat with Baymax’s strangely adorable animations.

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Animated stickers from the Disney’s "Big Hero 6" are here! Hiro, Baymax, Honey Lemon, Wasabi, Go Go and Fred are all here to help give your messages a super boost of energy!

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Baymax and Mochi are back and proud to present another round of fluffy sticker fun. Feel like your chats need a boost of cuteness? These two and their carefree animated moves are definitely the way to get it done!