Talking + Pop-Up Trendy Angel

Posted on Trendy Angel Line Sticker | The indefatigable manzai duo Trendy Angel is back! And this time, they talk! From bald jokes to the perfect one-liners, this sticker set has it all! The sound for these stickers will play on iPhones even if your device is set to silent mode.

2015 M-1 Grand Prix winner Trendy Angel returns with a set of voiced pop-up stickers. See and hear all your favorite jokes from the humorous duo with these stickers! When tapped, these stickers will play on iPhones even in silent mode.

Name LINE Sticker: Talking Trendy Angel
Pop-Up Trendy Angel line://shop/detail/7341

Free/Paid : paid

Link : line://shop/detail/5938

Publisher : Yoshimoto Creative Agency


This sticker also know as:

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  • little twin stars stickers (15)
  • 會動的圖片 (15)
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