Toki Choi, Happy & Fighting Life w/ Friends

Posted on Choi + Friends! + Happy & Fighting Life Line Sticker Toki Girl dreams of wearing stylish clothing everyday. Dress up your chats in glamor with these hot stickers! Friend TokiChoiʹs Official Account to follow Toki girlʹs dream ♪
Friends from the forest-Bear & Bunny are coming to LINE chat! Theyʹre bringing the joy of life along with them too! Friend ToikiChoiʹs official account to follow Bear & Bunnyʹs adventures. Available till April 30, 2015.

Name LINE Sticker:
Toki Choi’s Happy Life! line://shop/detail/2859
Toki Choiʹs Fighting Life! line://shop/detail/3417
Toki Choiʹs Friends! line://shop/detail/4156

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Status : Temporary

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