Tokyo Revengers: Manga & Anime Series (1-6)

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9606233: The hottest and most heartbreaking time-leap manga,”Tokyo Revengers” has become stickers! It is full of scenes from the contents up to “Bloody Halloween”.

23822: Official LINE stickers for the hit anime Tokyo Revengers. The Revengers join even more colorful characters to make an amazing sticker set!

24331: The anime Tokyo Revengers brings you another sticker set! Popular lines and scenes from the Valhalla arc will fill your chats with action.

Tokyo Revengers 2 Line Sticker PNG-24331Tokyo Revengers: The Anime Series Line Sticker PNG-23822Tokyo Revengers (Manga ver.) Line Sticker PNG-9606233

25355: Check out the third set of stickers for the popular anime Tokyo Revengers! The set features characters that are all grown up after 12 years, and even someone who you’ve been waiting for…

28274: The Tokyo Revengers star in their fourth sticker set! Your favorite characters from the Christmas Showdown arc are all here!

28432: Check out the fifth sticker set featuring the popular anime Tokyo Revengers! Featuring scenes from the show, these are sure to be a hit among friends and family. If you want to stop running away, then you gotta keep taking revenge on life!

29712: The Tokyo Revengers star in their sixth sticker set! Izana and the rest of your favorite characters from the Tenjiku arc are all here!

Manga ver.Anime ver.

  • Title : Tokyo Revengers: The Anime Series
  • Price : Paid / 100 Coins
  • Type : Static
  • Expiry Date : No Expiration Date
  • Language : Japanese
  • Link :
    line://shop/detail/23822 Set-1
    line://shop/detail/24331 Set-2
    line://shop/detail/25355 Set-3
    line://shop/detail/28274 Set-4
    line://shop/detail/28432 Set-5
    line://shop/detail/29712 Set-6
  • Publisher : increws
  • Copyright : KW,K / TRAP

Tokyo Revengers (Manga ver.) WhatsApp Sticker GIF-9606233
9606233 – Tokyo Revengers (Manga ver.) Sticker
Tokyo Revengers: The Anime Series WhatsApp Sticker GIF-23822
23822 – Tokyo Revengers: The Anime Series Sticker

Tokyo Revengers Stickers: A Time-Leap Adventure! Sticker Set

In this exciting sticker collection, we dive headfirst into the captivating world of “Tokyo Revengers.” These LINE and WhatsApp stickers bring to life the heart-wrenching time-leap manga, allowing fans to express themselves with flair. Let’s explore what makes these stickers a must-have for any Tokyo Revengers enthusiast.

Tokyo Revengers 2 WhatsApp Sticker GIF-24331
24331 – Tokyo Revengers 2 Sticker
Tokyo Revengers 3 WhatsApp Sticker GIF-25355
25355 – Tokyo Revengers 3 Sticker

Behind the Scenes – Publishers and Copyright Holders

1. KODANSHA: The Architect of Tokyo Revengers
KODANSHA, a renowned manga publisher, stands at the helm of Tokyo Revengers. With meticulous craftsmanship, they’ve nurtured this gripping tale of time travel, delinquency, and redemption. Their commitment to quality storytelling has made Tokyo Revengers a global sensation.

2. Increws Co., Ltd: The Collaborator
Increws Co., Ltd plays a pivotal role as a collaborator. Their expertise in merchandising and brand extension ensures that Tokyo Revengers stickers resonate with fans. From concept to execution, Increws brings the characters to life, making these stickers an irresistible addition to your chats.

3. Ken Wakui/KODANSHA & KW,K/TRAP: Guardians of the Copyright Realm
Ken Wakui, the brilliant mind behind Tokyo Revengers, holds the keys to the narrative. His creative vision birthed Mikey, Draken, and the entire Tokyo Manji Gang. KODANSHA and KW,K/TRAP safeguard these characters’ essence, ensuring that their journey leaps from manga pages to your conversations.
Tokyo Revengers 4 WhatsApp Sticker GIF-28274
28274 – Tokyo Revengers 4 Sticker
Tokyo Revengers 5 WhatsApp Sticker GIF-28432
28432 – Tokyo Revengers 5 Sticker
Tokyo Revengers 6 WhatsApp Sticker GIF-29712
29712 – Tokyo Revengers 6 Sticker

Dive into the Sticker Universe

1. Valhalla Chronicles: Iconic Lines and Scenes
Relive the adrenaline-fueled moments from the Valhalla arc. Whether it’s Mikey’s battle cry or Draken’s unwavering resolve, these stickers infuse your chats with action-packed nostalgia.

2. Grown-Up Revengers: Characters After 12 Years
Meet the characters all grown up – wiser, battle-hardened, and ready to take on fate. Mikey’s leadership, Draken’s loyalty, and unexpected reunions – these stickers capture their evolution.

3. Christmas Showdown Extravaganza
The Christmas Showdown arc comes alive! Share scenes of camaraderie, snowfall, and heartfelt connections. These stickers bridge the gap between friends and family, spreading warmth during the festive season.

4. Tenjiku Saga: Izana and Company
Izana and the Tenjiku crew step into the spotlight. Their unique dynamics, secrets, and unwavering bonds find expression in these static stickers. Let their stories unfold in your chats.

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