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Posted on + Animated + and GYAO! Line Sticker Usavich is here to play on LINE! Enjoy Putin’s silly faces and Kirenenko’s angry expressions! It’s all in the name of fun! In 2nd brand new set of stickers, “Time for Stickers 2”! Join Putin and Kirenenko in their absurd but fun-filled prison life! Round three of Usavich feature the most hilarious rabbits in the Gulag, so you’re bound to find the perfect bunny for your messages.

Hey there sailors, Usavich is back for a fourth round of stickers! This set is perfect for all kinds of situations, so lighten up your chats with Putin, Kirenenko, and the rest of the gang!
Get ready for this new set of collaborative stickers between Usavich and GYAO! Friend GYAO’s official account to get the set for free!

The world of Usavich Zero comes to your chats with this animated sound sticker set! Have fun with the voices of Putin, Kirenenko, and the rest of the Usavich crew living out their happy prison life! When tapped, these stickers will play on iPhones even in silent mode.

Name (LINE Sticker):
USAVICH | line://shop/detail/601
USAVICH “Time for stickers 2 | line://shop/detail/898
USAVICH: Time for Puch Kire | line://shop/detail/1919
USAVICH: Itʹs Animated Stickers Time! line://shop/detail/3761
USAVICH “Time for GYAO!” line://shop/detail/6182
USAVICH ZERO: Animated Sound Stickers line://shop/detail/7384

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