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Xing Xing: 1st Animated Stickers! Line Sticker PNG-30835

  • Title : Xing Xing: 1st Animated Stickers!
  • Price : 85 Coins
  • Type : Animation & Sound
  • Expiry Date : No Expiry Date
  • Language : Thai Language
  • Link : line://shop/detail/30835
  • Publisher : Jongmeau’ Arts
  • Copyright : JONGMEAU’

Xing Xing: 1st Animated Stickers! WhatsApp Sticker GIF-30835
30835 – Xing Xing: 1st Animated Stickers! Sticker

Meet Xing Xing: Your New Animated Bestie!

Hey there, sticker lovers! Get ready to add a sprinkle of joy to your chats with the brand-spanking-new “Xing Xing: 1st Animated Stickers!” pack for LINE and WhatsApp. This isn’t just any old sticker set – it’s a vibrant explosion of cuteness that’ll have you grinning from ear to ear! Xing Xing, our adorable protagonist, is making their grand debut in the world of animated stickers, and boy, are they ready to party! These little nuggets of happiness aren’t just static images – they’re fully animated and come with sound effects that’ll bring your conversations to life. Whether you’re feeling over the moon or down in the dumps, Xing Xing’s got your back with a whole range of expressions and situations that’ll perfectly capture your mood. From jubilant jumps to playful pouts, this sticker set is like having a pocket-sized friend who’s always ready to chime in with the perfect reaction. So, buckle up and get ready to take your messaging game to a whole new level with Xing Xing by your side!

The Creative Minds Behind the Magic: Jongmeau’ Arts and JONGMEAU’

Ever wonder about the wizards who conjure up these delightful digital creations? Well, let me introduce you to the dynamic duo behind “Xing Xing: 1st Animated Stickers!” – Jongmeau’ Arts and JONGMEAU’. Jongmeau’ Arts, the publisher of this sticker set, is a powerhouse of creativity in the digital art world. They’ve made a name for themselves by consistently churning out sticker sets that are as unique as they are charming. Their attention to detail and knack for capturing emotions in the simplest of designs have earned them a devoted following among sticker enthusiasts. Now, let’s talk about JONGMEAU’, the copyright holder of our beloved Xing Xing. This talented artist is the mastermind behind Xing Xing’s lovable personality and expressive animations. JONGMEAU’ has a gift for breathing life into characters, making them feel like old friends from the moment you start using them. Their artistic style is a perfect blend of cute and quirky, with a dash of humor that’ll have you chuckling as you scroll through your sticker options. Together, Jongmeau’ Arts and JONGMEAU’ have created a sticker set that’s bound to become your go-to for every chat situation!

Why Xing Xing Will Be Your New Chat Companion

Listen up, folks! If you haven’t added Xing Xing to your sticker collection yet, you’re missing out on a whole lot of fun. These aren’t just your run-of-the-mill stickers – they’re little bursts of personality that’ll make your messages pop! Imagine sending a text and having Xing Xing dance across your friend’s screen, or adding a cheery “Good morning!” complete with Xing Xing’s animated yawn and stretch. These stickers are perfect for those moments when words just aren’t enough. Plus, with both LINE and WhatsApp versions available, you can spread the Xing Xing love across all your favorite messaging apps. Trust me, once you start using these animated cuties, you’ll wonder how you ever expressed yourself without them. So why wait? Grab the “Xing Xing: 1st Animated Stickers!” pack now and get ready to level up your chat game!

A Sticker for Every Mood: Exploring Xing Xing’s Animated World

Alright, sticker fans, let’s dive into the colorful world of Xing Xing! This sticker set is a treasure trove of emotions and situations, all brought to life through our adorable protagonist. Let’s take a closer look at some of the gems you’ll find in this pack:

Row 1: Everyday Expressions

The first row kicks things off with a bang! We’ve got Xing Xing giving a cheerful wave – perfect for those “Hey there!” moments. Next up, there’s a sticker of our little friend jumping for joy, which is ideal for sharing good news. The third sticker shows Xing Xing looking confused with a question mark overhead – use this when you’re scratching your head over something. Rounding out the row is an animated Xing Xing blowing a kiss, adding a touch of sweetness to your chats.

Row 2: Emotional Rollercoaster

Row two takes us on an emotional journey. It starts with Xing Xing laughing so hard they’re rolling on the floor – great for those hilarious moments. Next, we see our pal looking a bit down in the dumps, perfect for when you need some sympathy. The third sticker shows an angry Xing Xing with steam coming out of their ears – use this when you need to vent! The last sticker in this row is a sleepy Xing Xing, complete with animated Zs – ideal for saying goodnight.

Row 3: Action-Packed Animations

Things get lively in the third row! We’ve got Xing Xing doing a victory dance – use this to celebrate your wins, big or small. Next up is a sticker of our friend running at full speed, which is great for when you’re in a rush. The third sticker shows Xing Xing giving a thumbs up with a wink – perfect for showing approval. The row ends with an animated sticker of Xing Xing tripping and falling – use this when you’ve had a clumsy moment!

Row 4: Food and Fun

The fourth row is all about life’s little pleasures. It starts with Xing Xing eagerly eating a slice of pizza – use this when you’re hungry or enjoying a meal. Next, we see our pal playing video games with intense concentration – great for gaming sessions. The third sticker shows Xing Xing with heart eyes, perfect for expressing love or admiration. The last sticker in this row features Xing Xing doing a happy dance with music notes – ideal for sharing your favorite tunes!

Row 5: Work and Play

Row five balances work and leisure. The first sticker shows Xing Xing typing away at a computer – use this when you’re busy working. Next up is our friend relaxing on a beach chair – perfect for vacation vibes. The third sticker features Xing Xing dressed up for a party, complete with a party hat and confetti – great for celebrations. The row ends with a sticker of Xing Xing looking stressed with sweat drops – use this when you’re feeling overwhelmed.

Row 6: Seasonal Fun

The final row takes us through the seasons. We start with Xing Xing building a snowman – perfect for winter chats. Next, we see our pal enjoying a spring picnic under cherry blossoms. The third sticker shows Xing Xing sweating in the summer heat with a fan. The set concludes with a sticker of Xing Xing jumping into a pile of autumn leaves.

Whew! What a fantastic collection of stickers! From everyday greetings to seasonal celebrations, Xing Xing’s got you covered for every chat scenario imaginable. These animated stickers aren’t just images – they’re a way to add personality, emotion, and a touch of fun to your conversations. Whether you’re expressing joy, sympathy, excitement, or just saying hello, Xing Xing brings a unique charm to your messages. So go ahead, download the “Xing Xing: 1st Animated Stickers!” pack and watch your chats come alive with these delightful animations. Trust me, once you start using Xing Xing, you’ll wonder how you ever communicated without them!

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