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http://www.line-stickers.com/Yoshiko Tamagawa + to Taiwan Line Sticker | DHC’s wild cat, Yoshiko Tamagawa is here to play! Missed Yoshiko the last time? She’s back again with 8 brand new expressions with seri “Mega-Sized”. This cat 16 brand new stickers featuring the popular Yoshiko and the new Boss Cat!

Still with Yoshiko Tamagawa sticker, and this time, she moves! This animated set makes Yoshiko Tamagawa cuter and funnier than ever. Friend DHCʹs official account to get the set of 16 stickers. Yoshiko is back with new stickers to celebrate her 1st year on LINE! Can you believe it’s already been two years since Yoshiko Tamagawa’s stickers were first released? How time flies! Get 16 all-time favorites and new creations in this special commemorative set! Friend DHC’s official account to get it.
The coolest cat in town is back with an all-new set of 16 stickers! This furry feline oozes mystique as she sashays her way through the most fashionable parts of town in these chic animated illustrations. Friend DHC’s official account to get this set for FREE!

The cat’s out of the bag with these latest Yoshiko Tamagawa stickers! Use this manga, anime, and live event superstar to update your LINE chats with a sense of surrealism, cuteness, and most of all, fun! Friend DHC’s official account to get this set for FREE! Popular Japanese kitty DHC Cat Yoshiko makes her Taiwan debut!

Yoshiko Tamagawa is back For her ninth sticker set, testing the limits Feline sticker hijinks in this surreal 16-sticker set! Friend DHC’s official account to get the set For free.

The legendary cat now has an all-new sticker set, making it her 10th free set to date! To celebrate, Yoshiko’s gone all out to show an extra out-there, super surreal side of her like you’ve never seen before! 16 stickers in all! Friend DHC’s official account to get the set for free.

Yoshiko Tamagawa pounces back in her 11th sticker set, and this time she’s bringing eight old favorites back to the table! Friend DHC’s official account to get the set for free. Available till January 16, 2017.

Name (LINE Sticker) :
DHC Cat: Yoshiko Tamagawa line://shop/detail/839
DHC Cat Yoshiko Tamagawa: Mega-Sized line://shop/detail/1261
Yoshiko Tamagawa & Boss Cat line://shop/detail/1533
Tamakawa Yoshiko’s 1st Anniversary line://shop/detail/2170
Yoshiko & Margaret Special Collaboration line://shop/detail/2789
Move it! Yoshiko Tamagawa (Cat) line://shop/detail/3269
Yoshiko Tamagawa: 2nd Anniversary line://shop/detail/4275
Yoshiko Tamagawa: The Cat is Back! line://shop/detail/5017
Yoshiko Tamagawa (cat) new stickers line://shop/detail/5611
DHC Cat Yoshiko: First Time to Taiwan line://shop/detail/6221
Yoshiko Tamagawa the Cat: 9 Lives line://shop/detail/6498
Yoshiko Tamagawa: 10th Free Set! line://shop/detail/6991
Yoshiko Tamagawa: 11th Free Set! line://shop/detail/7634

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